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This week, the guys discuss one of the most polarizing movies in recent history: Star Wars- The Last Jedi. It's spoiler filled show that will leave no rocks unmoved by the might of their force strong minds.


This week, the guys get into what they've been watching this past year. Plus, they revisit the works of Juan Villa, the Patron Saint of Smut, only to discover a conspiracy that threatens to shake the very foundation of their beliefs!

Pour yourself a tall glass of Columbo and strap in for a wild romp through the minds of your favorite Savants. And by that we mean NOT Grant!



The Geek Savants return... but for how long? After a year of silence, the boys get together in Dave's cabin, only to realize they've gone from boys to men, and old ones at that.

Catch up with Super Ugly, Dave, Ron Zorb and Brian Robots as they discuss how things have changed in their lives. It's a short, sweet re-introduction to the Savants, and a great primer for this Wednesday's full episode!



This Month, the Savants discuss the 2016 presidential election with such amazing accuracy, Baba Vanga is rolling in her grave.  Heap in some hollywood / porn spoof talk and about 10 minutes of actual Halloween talk and you have the Halloween episode so good, it was posted after Thanksgiving! 


The episode 11 months in the making!  The Savants hide in their garages to freeball on Skype.  Let's all play a game Dave likes to call Rontrapment.

This week (or is it year?), the Geek Savants wax poetic on the good old days and the bad new days. Can you believe it's been 8 years since we started this podcast thing? We can't either.


This week the guys fill you in on what they've been up to in the last year, in all it's heartbreaking and hilarious detail.


The Geek Savants are back! Well, two of them at least, and after Dave takes a crap, he and Grant catch up in a big way, priming the world for the show's true return in the coming weeks.

Welcome back to our world, world!


A new era in podcasting begins as John and Kellie take a vacation from the Tropicana Village with one simple goal: talk about a movie one of them likes, that the other will potentially hate. First up, the cult classic, Dead Heat!

The boys are back and talking about what they liked and didn't like coming out of this years Toy Fair.

This week the guys follow Grant down the Deadliest Warrior rabbit hole to discuss who would win in an all-out post-apocalyptic battlefield. It sounds way more awesome than it is. For your sake, we've timestamped when things get good right in the title of the episode.

Back once again is the incredible...

This week the guys discuss Vegas hookers, Google Robots, the Oculus Rift... and comics.

Join SuperUgly, Dave and Brian in the inaugural episode of the Toy Boys.  Dave misunderstands the goal of the podcast, and spoilers Grant misses the first episode!  We talk about what toys we recently bought and think back on the Marvel Secret Wars toy line that just isn't as awesome as we remember. 

This is it. The guys are back, and the world will never be the same. Or it will be exactly the same only older, grumpier, and closer to death.

This week the guys give you an episode that they recorded back in October. Yes, they haven't been together since then. Cry silently to yourselves.

V2E98: Not DAVE

This week (this month?) the guys get together to talk about getting old, and Ugly's and his wife spill the beans about their sexual fantasies.

This week Dave makes the most insane claim in TGS history and Super Ugly begs for your money as the entire cast reunites. Well, everyone except Grant.

After weeks of inactivity, The Geek Savants bring you a double sized episode chock full of pop culture nerdiness, skullduggery, and a Deadliest Warrior matchup that is sure to entertain as TV's scummiest characters step into the octagon. 

This episode we get into Dave's health issues and why his priorities are completely screwed up.

It's about damn time. This week (from almost a month ago), The Geek Savants get deep, discussing the vastness of the ocean, the cosmos, and dick head bosses. Get yourself some.


This episode the guys go over recent comics, movies and TV, including the "Red Wedding" episode of Game of Thrones. Plus, the guys criticize Dave's Twittiquette.


Sadly, this picture is exactly what it looks like. The Geek Savants are back, and in the best/worst ways ever.

V2E90: Dead End


This week, the guys discuss race relations, the break up and get together of Ugly's old band and give a reading from the sacred book.  Yes, you know which book.


This pretty much says it all...


The Geek Savants Return!


This week, we talk about a future that never happened which means the past does not exist.  Ultimately, the universe implodes.


So... this happened.


In the most depressing episode ever, Grant's hopes and dreams devolve into a cuddle party.


This week the guys do a dramatic reading. Of Cherry Poptart #12. It's not as awesome as you think it'd be.


This week, the guys talk about old action movies that are due for a remake. It's a love affair for the ages as the guys look to the past, and dream of a future where their loves come back to them.


This week we focus on recent movies. And Grant.


This week, Kellie, Ugly and Ron discuss New Year's Resolutions.  Kellie confesses a new addiction that has Ugly worried.  Ugly has his dream of fame come true.  Ron goes Mano-a-Mano with a Christmas present.  With all this action, we short change you all on the music.  You're welcome.


The boys go over their Christmas wishlists and recount the highs and lows of past holiday seasons. Treat yourselves to the best audio gift of the year: four douchebags and a microphone!


This week, Dave and John kiss and make up, and the guys discuss their health, heart surgery and Grant's chance of walking away from his life decisions in one piece.

Grant and Ugly talk about the rocky road of freelance art, movies and TV!


This week, Grant and Ugly get a little mono y mono time, only to reveal that one of their love lives is far from "one on one!"


Kellie unleashes the ultimate secret that all but stuns Ugly and the Zorb.  Plus everyone's favorite topics, penis talk and Halloween costumes!  YAY!


This week, the guys go to SoCal for Designer Con, watch Wreck It Ralph and argue about the definition of good parenting. Ugh.


This week the guys fully intended to talk about their favorite scream queens and movie monsters, but instead throw their favorite creatures and action heroes into the octagon for an old school Deadliest Warrior throwdown. Who will stand victorious? Dutch or John Matrix? The Predator of the Thing from Another World? Find out here as the guys seek redemption for last week's train wreck!


Don't listen to or watch this awful movie.


This week, it's a free range freeball as the guys talk about some current news, recent movies, the Fall TV season and Ron's Cabin in the Woods. Dare you enter the Cabin?


This week, Ron, Dave, Grant and Brian try something new, spinning TGS off into a brand new show called Tropicana Village!


Ugly's is stressed about traveling but not for reasons you may think.  Kellie and Ron try to talk it out with him.  Once Ugly gets his groove back after listening to a round of vacation songs, the gang comes up with the ultimate 40th Birthday bash.


What is Grant's Life? for the win! This week the guys give you a game show for the apocalypse, as they bust out the Quizzard and finally get down to the  business of their trivia challenge. Two years and five Savants in the making, this one will go down in history!


This week, it's all about toys as the guys talk about Grant's job opportunity with Mattel, unleash the weirdest wind up toy ever, and commentate over Super Ugly's stint on Toy Hunter.


This week brings you more of what you asked for Hella Kellie!  We rock out and stir up memories from music that remind us of our parents. Also, Ugly decides it's time to start a career in Reggae, the bee from episodes past gets its final revenge on Kellie and Ron Zorb poses a question for the ages.


This week, the guys name their fictional self-help books, address current Facebook fan questions and play Cards Against Humanity.


In this episode, Ugly makes a HUGE life decision and Grant comes clean about one of the saddest points in his long, sad life.


Alternate titles for this instant classic episode are "The Five Minute History of Porn," "Gay Porn Stars are Packing the Meat," and "STOCKTON- The Hills DO Have Eyes."


Ugly, Kellie and Ron discuss the three B's... Brazilians, Bush and Beavers.  Sit back and enjoy Tropicana Village's celebration of Summertime!

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