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Back once again is the incredible...

This week the guys discuss Vegas hookers, Google Robots, the Oculus Rift... and comics.

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V2E92: Twittiquette


This episode the guys go over recent comics, movies and TV, including the "Red Wedding" episode of Game of Thrones. Plus, the guys criticize Dave's Twittiquette.

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V2E85: Adult Business


This week the guys do a dramatic reading. Of Cherry Poptart #12. It's not as awesome as you think it'd be.

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What is Grant's Life? for the win! This week the guys give you a game show for the apocalypse, as they bust out the Quizzard and finally get down to the  business of their trivia challenge. Two years and five Savants in the making, this one will go down in history!

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This week the guys return from Reno, and Grant goes missing... again. The guys discuss current events, comics trailers and get a gaggle of gifts from Dubba T. Plus, Toys, Singalongs, Ron beats himself up over Facebook, and the guys decide to never post episodes on Ustream ever again.

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V2E65: The Great Purge


In an ass backwards episode, Dave fills the role of life coach as the guys discuss simplifying their lives, prioritizing their daily tasks, and preparing for the future. Do you dare fly with the eagle?

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This week, The Geek Savants go live on Ustream... and no one is watching.

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This week, Grant Ugly and Dave take a trip though Marvel Comics' foray into Film, TV, and Animated Features.

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V2E57: Action Lab Science Team Go!


This week, while the rest of TGS is at a local toy show, Dave decides to gather the guys of Action Lab to discuss their recent Eisner nominations, the artists and writers that have influenced their careers, and the future of their company.

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V2E56: Total Recall


This week Ugly and Dave remember the weekend that was Emerald City Comic Con through weed and alcohol tinted glasses.

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This week the guys remember Image Expo fondly... some more than others.

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This week the guys discuss the things they'd like to see return to popularity, the 2012 celebrity deathwatch... and technology!

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This week the guys get into a healthy discussion about porn before settling into a vanilla sundae of comics, TV and movie talk.

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In this first in a series of episodes, The Geek Savants recreate the world in their images What transpires is a two hour discussion about comics, music, and their personal lives, and what changes they'd make if they had God powers.

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TGS Presents: PKD Media Black Box


This week, the guys decide to take a break from TGS proper for the holiday season, focusing the spotlight instead  on the PKD Media Blackbox. Don't get your feathers ruffled, this episode features TGS hosts Dave and Super Ugly. Along with Black Box host Shawn Pryor, the boys talk about cartoons, comics and their very own projects, Monsters are Just like Us and Space-Time Condominium Vol. 1., as well as Shawn Pryor's EXO-1 and the Rocksolid Steelbots and the genesis of Action Lab Entertainment.

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This week the guys perform an audio drama... of Dave's graphic novella, "Back in the Day." If you haven't picked it up yet, head over to graphic.ly (http://graphicly.com/action-lab-entertainment/back-in-the-day) then play along!

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It's a free balling orgy as the Savants welcome their little ewok, Brian Roberts, back to the show. Lots of popculture talk as the guys discuss DC's new 52, recent TV and movie picks, and throw in a dramatic reading from Super Ugly's unholy bible to boot!

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V2E27: Under the Covers


This week the guys deliver up a three course meal of awesome, going over their favorite comicbook covers, album covers, and cover tunes.

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V2E24: Ronervention


This week, The Geek Savants host their own kind of intervention.

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V2E22: San Diego Comic-Cocks


This week, Dave and Ugly recount their time at the magical San Diego Comic-Con International.

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Dave is drunk in San Diego for Comic Con and can't remember what the Geek Savants talked about in this episode. He also likes to talk in third person. But wow, this episode art is A-mazing. Cheers!

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V2E16: Father Figure


In this special Father's Day episode, the guys talk about DC's upcoming reboot.... and their dads.

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V2E14: D&G Glasses


After last week's train wreck of an episode, the entire TGS cast reunites for one of the best episodes ever! Brian and Grant join Dave, Ron and Ugly in the new Savant Compound to discuss Ugly's move to the In-Law's house, Grant's dick pictures, Comic Talk, News, and Email.

Plus, Brian coins a new phrase, and Grant's daughter finds Jesus.

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V2E13: Future Imperfect


This week TGS travel into the not-so-distant future to check in on Super Ugly, who has moved into his in-law's house. After a truly horrible tale of woe, Dave and Ron make a pact to go back in time to prevent Ugly from making the worst decision of his life.

The duo make it back to May 29th, 2011 to warn Ugly of the Future Imperfect... and to record a truly awful episode. This mixed bag of crap has topics ranging from sex toys gone wrong to comicbook trivia. It's not as fun as it sounds, trust us.

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V2E12: Left Behind


This week, The Geek Savants celebrate their exclusion from The Rapture with a smattering of mini-topics including theit favorite single comicbook, favorite fast food eats, and their most embarrassing album. Plus, the guys go through Super Ugly's most cherished comics... and price them. It's much funnier than it sounds...

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This week Dave and Ugly recall the weekend that was Comic Geek Speak's Super Show.

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V2E9: Old Dirty Elbows


This week the guys discuss their favorite Super Villain Teams and a few of their own personal defects.

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V2E6: Surviving the Con!


This week the guys drop all of their knowledge surviving, nay, thriving during convention season. The guys bounce between topics from both sides of the table as both fanboys and professionals, covering the highs and lows of comic fandom.

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V2E3: Super Team Go!


This week, the guys kick it old school with a little comic talk, namely their favorite super hero teams. 'Nuff said!

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This year, the guys forego the tradition of "The Savanties" and give you their personal favorites in popculture from 2010. Plus, the best moments of the show and their personal lives remembered.

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This week, the guys get together to respond to voicemails, Dave goes to war with AT&T, Ugly defends statuatory rape (again), and the mystery of Ron begins to unfold. Plus, more comics, movie, TV and porn talk!

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This week, the entire TGS cast reunites for their San Diego Comic Con wrap up. Unfortunately, none of them actually went to SDCC, so they have to rely on the internets for the news. Strap yourselves in for the worst (or is that best?) coverage of popculture's greatest spectacle. Plus, Brian goes to Canada, emails, Facebook, and more Jew on Jew hate than you can stomach! Our balls... your mouthes. Get used to it.

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This week the guys let their balls hang free as they discuss recent news including Wonder Woman's new costume and the all-new Spider-man actor, and review "The Last Airbender" and "Toy Story 3." An off handed comment from Super Ugly almost leads to a fist fight with Brian, and Dave drinks a LOT. Plus, the guys discuss 406northlane.com's Top Ten 80's Action Flick List and begin to make plans for what will be an epic 200th episode.

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In the most unenergetic episode ever, Dave and Super Ugly recount their time at Heroes Con. What transpires is a bitch and moan session of gigantic proportions in which Dave gets the greatest/worst commission request of all time, Super Ugly declares war on a famous pin-up artist and they both fight the urge to crap their pants. Enjoy… if you dare!

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This week Dave and Ugly venture to the Dirty South for Charlotte, NC's Heros Con. Recorded on the Friday of the show, they are joined by Comic Geek Speak's Bryan Deemer, Subculture's Kevin Freeman, and PKD Media's Shawn Pryor and Jon Carroll. The guys discuss a mixed bag of topics including their wives tolerance levels, convention life and hot chicks that draw, circumcision and why the forum keeps crashing. Plus, Bryan Deemer reveals himself as the Sexual Sorcerer Supreme. By the Whory Whores of Hoggath!

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This week the guys get together for a little comic talk. This time it's a Deadliest Warrior style discussion of recent Cosmic, Crossover, Team and "Return of..." comics as the boys leave bodies in their wake as they crown the best of the Big Two in each category. Plus, the guys pay their respects to two of their heroes, Ugly decides to get the band back together, and TGS makes the biggest decision in their three year history: They are now a spoiler podcast.

Outro music by Ronnie James Dio.

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Episode 165: Webcomic Savants


This week the guys take a break from their normal schedule with a reposting of Comic Geek Speak's Super Show 2010 Webcomics Panel. This informative and hilarious panel features (from left to right) Jamie Fickes of Mumblepuss, Dave Dwonch (hey, that's me!) of Space-Time Condominium, Mike Schwartz of Oceanverse, Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots, Katie Cook of Gronk, Julian Lytle of ANTS, Kevin Freeman of SubCulture, and moderator Jim Ford of FW4D.

Ever wondered what goes into making a webcomic? Find out here!

Special thanks to Bruce Rosenberger and Jamie Fickes for suppyling the audio.

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Episode 164: The Blandest Night


This week, the guys discuss DC's zomberiffic crossover: Blackest Night. What transpires is a jumbled trainwreck of an episode that drunkenly makes its way through the eight issue miniseries, crossovers, spinoffs, and recent issues of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps.  

Plus, Ugly's pussy nearly kills Joshness, Dave's gay Mexican Marine butthole makes an appearance, the guys have an Amazon dildo argument and take a peek at Brightest Day number one!

Brought to you by PKD Media's Mercury and the Murd Vol. 1: Collateral Damages.

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This week, the band gets back together and brings along guests Tom Green of the 2 Bit Podcasters, Derrick Wiley, and Dan Dwonch. The group heads to Wondercon, goes over recent TV and news, and catches up on each others personal lives.

And what's The Gauntlet? You'll have to listen to find out.

Brought to you by Top Shelf Comic's BB Wolf and the Three LPs.

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Episode 160: The Replacements


After last weeks trainwreck, Dave finds replacements for his co-hosts. Joined by PKD Media's Shawn Pryor and The Chad, Dave recounts the spectacle that was Comic Geek Speak's Super Show. Was the convention worth the hype? Who won awards in what can only be described as the Source Awards for comic nerds? Who lived? Who died? And does Dave really hate white people?

Find out here.

Brought to you by Top Shelf's BB Wolf and the 3 LPs.

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Holy crap. In this episode, three years in the making, Brian and Ugly go it alone. Left to flail about in the open water by their Disney loving co-host Dave and their "what is it this week" co-host Grant. Hopefully you can sit through a freeballing explosion that is sure to paralyze you with information...No stone is left unturned in the world of comics, movies and milkaholics. After this you will be begging for... something.

Brought to you by Top Shelf Comics’ BB Wolf and the 3 LP’s.

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This week Dave and Ugly welcome the 2-Bit prodigal son, Brian Roberts, back into the fold for a freeball episode of epic proportion. The guys get hopped up on "Angry Juice" as Ugly discovers that he is uninsurable, voicemails lead to kinky role playing and the eternal Marvel vs. DC debate heats up. Plus, Oscar picks and fanmail from New Moon's biggest fan! It's another classic episode from the original TGS power trio.

Brought to you by Top Shelf Comics' BB Wolf and the 3 LP's.

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This week, The Geek Savants get back to basics with some good ol' fashioned comics talk. This time the guys talk about their favorite supporting characters.

Plus, the Grant pulls the shower curtain back to reveal one of his favorite (and disturbing) sex acts.

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In this "official" 3 year anniversary episode, the guys discus recent rumblings in popculture including Kevin Smith's twitter war with Southwest Airlines and the changing of the guard at DC Comics, and wind up unintentionally filling most of the episode with awkward porn talk. It's another instant classic from the podcast that refuses to die.

Outro music by a bunch of nobodys and the ghost of Michael Jackson. Guh.

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In this Super Bowl gameday preshow, TGS brings back previous guests Justin Robischau and Dan Dwonch and welcome ONI Press' Resurrection artist Justin Greenwood to the table.

The guys give their predictions for the big game and get to discussing important topics like the iPad, Death by Robot, Dungeons and Dragons, Prison Rape and their reality show pitch, Nerd Island.

Plus, Topless Robot's 20 Nerd Commandments, and Kirk and Picard give Dave an Eiffel Tower!

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This week The Geek Savants look into their crystal balls and come up with their predictions of what will be filed under 'A' for Awesome in 2010. From movies to comics to toys and television, the guys leave no stone unturned in their quest for good entertainment in the new year.

Plus, Grant and Ugly discuss a current global catastrophe and Dave drinks beer. Merry New Year!

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This week, the guys remember last year in the best way possible... by focusing on the worst of 2009! Find out what disappointed The Geek Savants most in both popculture and their personal lives, and relive what can only be called "Blackest Night: Celebrity Edition."

It's another instant classic that will help ease you into 2010.

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It's finally here! The Geek Savants kick off the new year with the 2009 Savanties-- the scummiest popculture awards show in history!

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In this aimlessly bloated end of the year episode, the guys tackle topics such heady topics as the Survivor Season Finale, apocalyptic movies The Road and 2012, recent comics, the celebrity death toll, and creating comics. 

Oh, and they also give the skinny on their New Year's Resolutions.

Yep, they all want to lose weight.

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On November 18th, the world lost a mainstay in comics podcasting. Eric Martin (aka The Question) passed away in his sleep, suffering a massive heart attack. While we mourn the loss of one of our own, we also celebrate the fingerprints Eric left on podcasting. From Comics Playground to DC Noise and The Trip, and his appearances on Comic Racks, Geek Brunch, and The Geek Savants, Eric was one of the more prolific voices in our community. He will be remembered fondly by his peers, and The Geek Savants are proud to call him friend.

This episode is dedicated to Eric Martin, may he rest in peace.

That said, don't expect us to be all doom and gloom, and politically correct-- this one is chock full of scumdillery. Just like Eric would have wanted.

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