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A new era in podcasting begins as John and Kellie take a vacation from the Tropicana Village with one simple goal: talk about a movie one of them likes, that the other will potentially hate. First up, the cult classic, Dead Heat!

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V2E85: Adult Business


This week the guys do a dramatic reading. Of Cherry Poptart #12. It's not as awesome as you think it'd be.

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V2E76: Piranha 3DD Commentary


Don't listen to or watch this awful movie.

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In pretty much the worst episode of 2012, TGS tackles the worst movie they, up until this point, have never seen. This is the Super Mario Bros. Movie Commentary.

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This week the guys perform an audio drama... of Dave's graphic novella, "Back in the Day." If you haven't picked it up yet, head over to graphic.ly (http://graphicly.com/action-lab-entertainment/back-in-the-day) then play along!

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This week, the Savants close out the Halloween season with thier commentary of Friday the 13th: The New Blood.

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V2E1: The Return


After three weeks of well deserved rest, The Geek Savants reunite and discuss the fun, frenzy, and fall out of Episode 200: They Live. A new era in TGS history begins! Tune in, tune out and insert your balls in your loved ones mouths.

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This week the guys wrap up their 2010 Horror themed episode with one of the worst movies ever created: The 2006 Wicker Man remake. The movie is so unbelievably terrible, that Super Ugly has to carry the burden of the film alone as the rest of the Savants are rendered speechless, and Dave gets hammered on bag liquor.

This is truly the worst Geek Savants episode. Ever. Have fun with it.

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This week the guys sit down to record another movie commentary, this time for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. What starts out as one of the worst movie watching experiences of their lives turns into one the greatest as Chris Klein inadvertently steals The Geek Savants hearts, and the guys create one of the best drinking games EVER!   

Break out those DVDs kids, it's Street Fighter time!

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In the grand tradition of past commentaries, The Geek Savants tackle another Friday the 13th film. This time, it's the truly terrible, "Jason Goes to Hell." Catch up with Jason Voorhees, Erin Gray and the black guy from 21 Jump Street in this franchise killing turkey.

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Episode 110: Ugly’s Angels

The guys continue their series of movie commentary episodes with one of Super Ugly's guilty pleasures: Charlie's Angels. It's another instant classic in which the guys argue about Drew Barrymore's choice in men and find a little piece of heaven in Cameron Diaz's awkwardly sexy dance moves.

In between jabs at McG and each other, Ugly smokes enough weed to kill a donkey, Dave gets beligerently drunk, and Grant and Brian barely manage to keep the show from derailing completely! Plus, Lucy Liu, Joey from Friends and Geek Savants favorite, Sam Rockwell.

Pop the dvd in and take a trip down memory lane... it's not as bad as you remember...

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Part 3 of 4 of our horror themed episodes goes where no podcast has gone before: Jason in Space! That's right, the boys tackle commentary duties on the tenth installment of the Friday the 13th franchise, Jason X.

So pop your copy into the dvd player (you know you own it), sit back and have a laugh with the Geek Savants.

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After months of trying to fit this one on the schedule, all four Savants unite for another commentary episode. This time the guys turn their attention to one of their favorite 80's action flicks: The Last Dragon.

Dust of those old VHS tapes and get ready for movie night... Savant Style!

Special thanks to forum member (and commentary contest winner), Zelicious. We owe you some crappy comics! Sho'nuff!

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