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V2E99: Jack Off Beach

This week the guys give you an episode that they recorded back in October. Yes, they haven't been together since then. Cry silently to yourselves.

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This week the guys fully intended to talk about their favorite scream queens and movie monsters, but instead throw their favorite creatures and action heroes into the octagon for an old school Deadliest Warrior throwdown. Who will stand victorious? Dutch or John Matrix? The Predator of the Thing from Another World? Find out here as the guys seek redemption for last week's train wreck!

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This week, the Savants close out the Halloween season with thier commentary of Friday the 13th: The New Blood.

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This week, the guys discuss their worst nightmares and argue over which horror movie world they'd want to try to survive in.

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V2E33: Bitch Made Monsters


This week, the guys get into Halloween spirit by talking about the worst movie monsters of all time. Plus, they tackle recent (and not so recent) horror stories in the news.

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This week the guys wrap up their 2010 Horror themed episode with one of the worst movies ever created: The 2006 Wicker Man remake. The movie is so unbelievably terrible, that Super Ugly has to carry the burden of the film alone as the rest of the Savants are rendered speechless, and Dave gets hammered on bag liquor.

This is truly the worst Geek Savants episode. Ever. Have fun with it.

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The guys keep the terror train rolling to Halloweentown this week with the third (of four) October horror themed episodes. This time out the guys discuss the upcoming AMC television show, The Walking Dead, based on the Robert Kirkman penned Image Comics series.

Plus, an entire hour of nothing!

Outro music by The Cramps.

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This week the Super Ugly, Dave and Ron Logic go over their "favorite" real life serial killers. From Gacy and Bundy to the Zodiac and the Nightstalker, this one is NOT for the squeamish! Plus, Grant redefines the four signs of insanity, and the guys take their first steps down the road to becoming mass murderers.

Outro music by James Todd Smith.

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Episode 186: The ID Monster


In the first of four Halloween inspired episodes, The Geek Savants discuss their favorite horror movie monsters. From Godzilla to the Cenobites, this one has it all. Plus, the guys discuss the physical manifestations of their inner demons, digging deep into their addled minds for more tales of lore.

Buckle in kids, it's going to be a wild October Horrorfest!

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For your viewing terror, we present "Magic Hands,"  which features bonus footage shot during episode 184...

Ugly has a kink in his neck... and he needs Dave, the master of kink, to give him a good hearty rubdown.

Watch Now:

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Episode 139: 2Bit Terror!

After recounting Grant's geriatric infested karaoke birthday, the guys turn the reins over to Brian and Tom, the 2 Bit Podcasters, for the FIFTH in a series of Halloween inspired episodes. This week the 2 Bit Podcasters give you the low down on their favorite horror videogames. Looking to get interactive with your fear? Start here!

Happy Halloween, Savantites!

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A Comics Podcast Theme Event TIE-IN!

In the tradition of Episode 122: The Deadliest Podcast, the Geek Savants take the formula of Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior and apply it to horror's greatest icons. Wonder who would win in a throwdown between Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees? Chucky vs. The Puppet Master's puppets? Leatherface vs. Hatchet's Victor Crowley? The Predator vs. The Thing from Another World?

This one will settle the debate!

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In the grand tradition of past commentaries, The Geek Savants tackle another Friday the 13th film. This time, it's the truly terrible, "Jason Goes to Hell." Catch up with Jason Voorhees, Erin Gray and the black guy from 21 Jump Street in this franchise killing turkey.

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Episode 136: Bad Moon Rising

This week, Dave, Brian and Super Ugly continue their October Horrorfest with a spotlight on Werewolves. Plus, the guys review Paranormal Activity and Zombieland, and have a skype conversation with Grant. Scary!

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Episode 135: Unsung Terror 2!

It's that time of the year again, and the guys begin their countdown to Halloween with the first of FIVE horror themed episodes. In a follow up to last years "Unsung Terror!" episode, Super Ugly, Grant and Dave talk about more of their favorite underrated horror movies. It's a genre bending list that covers zombie sex toys, killer clowns, man eating worms and even the Loch Ness Monster! Whether you want to be scared out of your mind or entertained by sheer stupidity, this one has something for you.

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The Savants are back with a vengeance! This week, Brian and Super Ugly go on the double date from hell as they drag their wives to the remake of Friday the 13th. Factor in Dave as the fifth wheel, and you've got the worst recipe for romance ever!

It's a spoiler-filled episode that gives a start to finish account of the newest installment of the Jason Voorhees franchise, and side by side comparison of the original classic. Two hot chicks and three obnoxious dicks-- this is one has it all! Well, except Grant...

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In this fourth and final Halloween inspired episode, Dave and Grant discuss the scariest moments in their lives. From muggings, juvenal hall and race riots to haunted houses and masturbation poltergeists, this one has it all!

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Part 3 of 4 of our horror themed episodes goes where no podcast has gone before: Jason in Space! That's right, the boys tackle commentary duties on the tenth installment of the Friday the 13th franchise, Jason X.

So pop your copy into the dvd player (you know you own it), sit back and have a laugh with the Geek Savants.

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Episode 84: Unsung Terror!

In the second episode of the Halloween season, the guys discuss horror movies that they feel deserve wider recognition. What evils did they unearth? Listen... if you dare!

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Episode 83: Wii are Legend

After Super Ugly's birthday present threatens to derail the show, the Geek Savants kick off the 2008 Halloween season with the first of four horror themed episodes. This time the guys delve into a horror genre near and dear to their hearts: Vampires. From comics to television to film the guys go over their favorite fanged fiction!

Outro music by "The Count"

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