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V2E37: Blue Balls Bayou


This week the guys go over news and listen to voicemails, leading to the most titillating topic in recent history as they design the perfect TGS sex club. Plus, Dave and Ugly bust out the old yearbook for a little trip down memory lane before their 20 year highschool reunion. It's not as interesting as you might think.

K.I.T. --The Geek Savants

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V2E33: Bitch Made Monsters


This week, the guys get into Halloween spirit by talking about the worst movie monsters of all time. Plus, they tackle recent (and not so recent) horror stories in the news.

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V2E29: System Failure


It happens to the best of them. This week TGS unintentionally takes the week off as the hard drive they save their episodes to crashes. To make matters worse, episodes 30 and 31 are lost in the system failure. Grant Miller, TGS' resident IT guy, is working hard to save what's left of 30 and 31 from a slowly degrading external drive, but episode 29 was lost completely.

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V2E14: D&G Glasses


After last week's train wreck of an episode, the entire TGS cast reunites for one of the best episodes ever! Brian and Grant join Dave, Ron and Ugly in the new Savant Compound to discuss Ugly's move to the In-Law's house, Grant's dick pictures, Comic Talk, News, and Email.

Plus, Brian coins a new phrase, and Grant's daughter finds Jesus.

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V2E11: Kitty Porn


This week the guys go over recent news including the death of Osama, the incarceration of Justiano, the Bathroom Hard Man, and the Granny Bandit. Plus, Super Ugly prepares to hide his porn from the in-laws and the guys discuss what the FBI will find when they raid their houses.

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This week the entire TGS cast returns for a freeballer of epic epicness! Join them as they discuss current events in their personal lives, Dave is defiled by the sentient Brian Robots, Dave challenges Ugly to their very own triathalon, and Grant visits a psychic! Plus, more political rants and... the news!

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This is it, the end of an era, and the rebirth of The Geek Savants. They LIVE.

Recorded live in front of a live studio audience at Golden West Sign Art in Berkley, CA on Feb. 11th 2011, this episode features News, Tales of Lore, a Q&A session, used Tenga Eggs, and enough booze  to fell a Russian donkey.  

The show features video clips, stills, and exclusive short films, so much of the episode will be lost in translation, but rest assured that TGS is hard at work on getting images ready for the website, and editing the film into a very special series of video podcasts.

Intro music by Jen Harper and Super Ugly.

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In the classiest episode ever, the guys discuss current events, the live show, and whore ex-girlfriends. Plus, the group contemplates the future of the show in the wake of the most shocking announcement in Savant history. A chapter of TGS is closing, and the show will never be the same.

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Friday, February 11, 2011 · 7:30pm - 11:30pm Golden West Sign Arts 2819 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA

Come one, come all... The Geek Savants are recording a live show to celebrate their 200th episode. Join Super Ugly, Dave Dwonch, Brian Roberts, Grant Miller and Ron Baxter for a wild night of debauchery. We will be showing videos, taking questions from the audience, boozing, using, and there will be special Burlesque performances by Sparkly Devil as BarbWire and Lady Satan as Poison Ivy. We need all of our fans to tell all their friends, bring as many people as you can. The cost is a donation of 5 dollars, you can always donate more, to help cover the cost of creating this monstrosity. This an R-rated event, no children please, we don't want to damage anyone. If you have any questions contact us at thegeeksavants@yahoo.com, or if you want to ASK us any questions, we will answer even the weirdest questions on stage. yikes. Lets make this a night to foggily remember. Show starts at 9pm... Doors are at 8pm. Don't be late...

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This week, Brian, Ron and Grant abandon the show, leaving Super Ugly and Dave to their own awkward devices. Somehow they manage to churn out a freeballing episode jam packed with movie, comics and TV reviews, Black Friday buys, racial generalizations and parenting advice!

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This week The Geek Savants freeball in the only way they can: with the most scatterbrained podcast of all time. It's Dave's 37th birthday, and TGS decides it's high time to get healthy... sort of. The guys call Dave on the carpet concerning his drinking problem, Dave comments on Super Ugly's pit stained, out of shape ass, and they collectively poo poo wine snobs, comic elitists and research the best fast food to eat.

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Shawn Pryor of PKD Media and the Geek Savants' Dave Dwonch join us this episode to give us the scoop on the new comic book publishing venture, Action Lab Entertainment! We then review Episode 1 of the Walking Dead TV Show from AMC!

Listen Here: http://www.comicgeekspeak.com/episodes/comic_geek_speak-1212.php

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This week the entire TGS crew is back together, as Grant digs his way out of the gulag and Brian returns from Japan. The guys hit the ground running as Brian describes his trip to the motherland, Super Ugly has another Unified show, Ron gets another nickname and the guys discuss recent popculture news. Oh, and did we mention that Super Ugly's baby was born?

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Today at 11:30 AM the world was blessed by the birth of Kellie and John "Super Ugly" Williams baby boy, Bigby Cooper! Weighing in at 9.5 pounds and 21 inches, Bigby completes "The Ugly Threesome" in the most wholesome way possible.

Congrats to the Uglies-- we at the Savant Compound look forward to meeting the giant manbaby, and corrupting him for years to come!


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This week the entire Geek Savants cast get together for a freeballer of epic proportion. It's the Savants at their scummiest as the guys address the forum backlash from last week's episode, Dave and Ugly throwdown over the Brown Canary, the mystery of the Eskimo continues to unfold, plus back waxing and popculture news!

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This week, the guys get together to respond to voicemails, Dave goes to war with AT&T, Ugly defends statuatory rape (again), and the mystery of Ron begins to unfold. Plus, more comics, movie, TV and porn talk!

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This week, the entire TGS cast reunites for their San Diego Comic Con wrap up. Unfortunately, none of them actually went to SDCC, so they have to rely on the internets for the news. Strap yourselves in for the worst (or is that best?) coverage of popculture's greatest spectacle. Plus, Brian goes to Canada, emails, Facebook, and more Jew on Jew hate than you can stomach! Our balls... your mouthes. Get used to it.

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Episode 176: Hot Mom Sex


This week the guys go over recent news of the world, including the Bearfoot Bandit, wife beating Mel Gibson, BP, and the MILF of all MILFs, Aimee Sword. No comic talk here, just popculture debauchery, Savant-style.

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