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Toy Boys Episode 2

The boys are back and talking about what they liked and didn't like coming out of this years Toy Fair.

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Toy Boys Episode 1: NOT BOY TOYS!

Join SuperUgly, Dave and Brian in the inaugural episode of the Toy Boys.  Dave misunderstands the goal of the podcast, and spoilers Grant misses the first episode!  We talk about what toys we recently bought and think back on the Marvel Secret Wars toy line that just isn't as awesome as we remember. 

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V2E78: The Anti-Boner Equation


This week, the guys go to SoCal for Designer Con, watch Wreck It Ralph and argue about the definition of good parenting. Ugh.

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This week, it's all about toys as the guys talk about Grant's job opportunity with Mattel, unleash the weirdest wind up toy ever, and commentate over Super Ugly's stint on Toy Hunter.

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This week the guys return from Reno, and Grant goes missing... again. The guys discuss current events, comics trailers and get a gaggle of gifts from Dubba T. Plus, Toys, Singalongs, Ron beats himself up over Facebook, and the guys decide to never post episodes on Ustream ever again.

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This week, The Geek Savants go live on Ustream... and no one is watching.

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V2E6: Surviving the Con!


This week the guys drop all of their knowledge surviving, nay, thriving during convention season. The guys bounce between topics from both sides of the table as both fanboys and professionals, covering the highs and lows of comic fandom.

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This week the guys pay tribute Japan in pure TGS fashion: by going over the things they love most about their popculture. Join them, won't you?

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V2E2: Meet Brian Robots


In the wake of Brian Roberts departure from TGS, the Geek Savants fill the void by building a new co-host. Meet Brian Robots.

With their mechanical friend in tow, The Savants discuss the news, recently watched movies, toy purchases, and throw in a little comic talk for good measure. Plus, tales of lore including debt reduction and mystery fetishes. The future is here!

Outro Music by Ron Logic and Super Ugly

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Episode 179: BONUS!

We talked a lot about our all time favorites of all time, but we thought you'd like to see them as well!











Have fun tracking this shit down, Savantites! We'll see you Sunday!

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This week the guys return to the attic for another installment of Toy Crazy Old Men (last seen way back in episode eight). This time out, Brian and Ron are added to the mix and the guys get down on their all time favorite toys (of all time) and add to their classic toy wish list. If you think the subject matter is tame, you don't know the Savants, as toy talk leads the boys back down memory lane with more tales of lore, more toy thievery and parental gang bangs. Word to your mother!

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In this "official" 3 year anniversary episode, the guys discus recent rumblings in popculture including Kevin Smith's twitter war with Southwest Airlines and the changing of the guard at DC Comics, and wind up unintentionally filling most of the episode with awkward porn talk. It's another instant classic from the podcast that refuses to die.

Outro music by a bunch of nobodys and the ghost of Michael Jackson. Guh.

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This week The Geek Savants look into their crystal balls and come up with their predictions of what will be filed under 'A' for Awesome in 2010. From movies to comics to toys and television, the guys leave no stone unturned in their quest for good entertainment in the new year.

Plus, Grant and Ugly discuss a current global catastrophe and Dave drinks beer. Merry New Year!

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Episode 145: The Wish List

This week, The Geek Savants discuss their Christmas wish lists and give the scoop on the hot presents of 2009. Plus, if you've ever wondered what geek gifts to get that special someone, wonder no more. TGS has the perfect gateway gift for them!

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With Brian and Ugly MIA, Grant and Dave bring longtime friend Tom Green, aka Supertom on the forums, in to save the day! It's a freeballing episode that goes to the strangest places ever as Dave confesses a love that knows no bounds, Tom prepares for the storm of the century and Grant lets you take a peek into his bag of toys. 

Strap this one to your chin, true believers!

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In this episode all four Geek Savants get into their recent reads, debate comicbook death and give you step by step instructions on child proofing your toy collection. 

All this, and Super Ugly drops the greatest newsflash in Savant history. Curious? Bursting with anticipation? It's all in this episode's title, true believers.

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TGS Rewind: Episode 8

Grant Miller returns! This time out, Super Ugly, Dave and Grant go list crazy, offering up their favorite toys of all time. It’s a blast from the past as the boys recount their painfully hilarious childhoods, the lengths they went to get their action figures, and the toys that still hold a place in their hearts. Easily the funniest episode to date!

 Originally posted on May 17th,2007

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