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This week, we talk about a future that never happened which means the past does not exist.  Ultimately, the universe implodes.

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This week, Kellie, Ugly and Ron discuss New Year's Resolutions.  Kellie confesses a new addiction that has Ugly worried.  Ugly has his dream of fame come true.  Ron goes Mano-a-Mano with a Christmas present.  With all this action, we short change you all on the music.  You're welcome.

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Kellie unleashes the ultimate secret that all but stuns Ugly and the Zorb.  Plus everyone's favorite topics, penis talk and Halloween costumes!  YAY!

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This week, Ron, Dave, Grant and Brian try something new, spinning TGS off into a brand new show called Tropicana Village!

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Ugly's is stressed about traveling but not for reasons you may think.  Kellie and Ron try to talk it out with him.  Once Ugly gets his groove back after listening to a round of vacation songs, the gang comes up with the ultimate 40th Birthday bash.

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This week brings you more of what you asked for Hella Kellie!  We rock out and stir up memories from music that remind us of our parents. Also, Ugly decides it's time to start a career in Reggae, the bee from episodes past gets its final revenge on Kellie and Ron Zorb poses a question for the ages.

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Ugly, Kellie and Ron discuss the three B's... Brazilians, Bush and Beavers.  Sit back and enjoy Tropicana Village's celebration of Summertime!

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As the gang heads to Reno for the weekend, Ugly and Ron decide to take some time during the week to record their first music podcast episode.  Done in Savant style, the guys talk over all the songs with nonsense and tidbits to keep your mind occupied.  Hella Kellie joins in during the beginning of the episode to bring massive amounts of sexiness that a normal Geek Savants episode would never have.  Laugh, Cry and Vomit as we present the rebirth of Tropicana Village.

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Welcome back to Tropicana Village. This month Jesse and Ugly discuss the wacky world of spray painting on buildings. They go into detail on the rules and lingo of graffiti-- along the way discussing why a fat guy thinks he should be on a roof, why a fat guy thinks painting a girls name will "get him some" and other oddities. Ever want to know something about the crap that clogs up the walls and freeways in your hometown? Well, Tropicana Village has an episode for you.

Outro music: "Simple As" by Kid Cudi

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Welcome to the first episode of “The Geek Savants Present: Tropicana Village.” Super Ugly and his co-pilot Jesse Cortez take a different road to get to the same scummy side of town that you’ve come to know and love. In this episode the guys talk racecars, professional drinking, eagle dick and the elusive Asian swamp eel. Please join us as we give you a supplemental suppository of goodness.

Outro music: “2000 Man” by the Rolling Stones.

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