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V2E50: Monkey Balls Deep


This week the guys jump back into their perfect world scenarios and remake the world of videogames and movies.

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V2E8: Mega Maniac Mansion


This week all five Savants get together to talk about classic videogames for the first time... again. After two bungled attempts including a hard drive and computer crash, the guys finally get it right! Strap yourselves in for a trip down 8-bit memory lane, kiddies!

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This week the guys pay tribute Japan in pure TGS fashion: by going over the things they love most about their popculture. Join them, won't you?

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Episode 145: The Wish List

This week, The Geek Savants discuss their Christmas wish lists and give the scoop on the hot presents of 2009. Plus, if you've ever wondered what geek gifts to get that special someone, wonder no more. TGS has the perfect gateway gift for them!

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Episode 139: 2Bit Terror!

After recounting Grant's geriatric infested karaoke birthday, the guys turn the reins over to Brian and Tom, the 2 Bit Podcasters, for the FIFTH in a series of Halloween inspired episodes. This week the 2 Bit Podcasters give you the low down on their favorite horror videogames. Looking to get interactive with your fear? Start here!

Happy Halloween, Savantites!

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Tom and Brian look deep into their (crystal) balls and give their predictions on the best videogames of 2009. Plus, another installment of Tom Green's memoirs including an incident that stunted Tom's rise to superpimp. All this and Gamestop rant and a Gamefly handjob. Try not to listen. We dare you!

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