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Archive for March 2007

This week the Savants throw their lame excuse for a format out the window and go over their personal picks from recent TV, comics, film and movie rentals. Dave goes on a bad trip with Crank, Brian digs a few gems out of the bargain bin, and Josh gives TMNT… FIVE CHUBBIES?! Will wonders never cease?

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Special Episode: American Idol

Super Ugly and Dave give you their opinion of the last two seasons of American Idol, and even serenade you into giving them your panties. How can you resist?

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Episode 2: Buffy Returns

In this episode we introduce a new co-host and theme music, Brian crushes all of Joss Whedon's hopes and dreams, and we go over our top 5 TV shows of all time. Too much goodness to be contained in one measley episode, the Geek Savants kick you in the poo hole... and promise more in the weeks ahead.

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Episode 1: Steve is Dead!

A weekly hour long show dedicated to comics, movies, videogames, TV shows, music and just about anything that pops into our minds, hosted by Brian Roberts, Dave Dwonch, and Josh Hunter, the Savants are here to make sure you’re informed and entertained on all things pop culture.

This episode we get hip deep in Frank Miller’s 300, Captain America #25, Ms. Marvel’s saggy boobs, our top 5 comics and the general lack of pants in the room.

Not for kids.

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