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Episode 18: Saturday Mournings

The Savants take another trip down memory lane, this time back to the days of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Hardpressed, we come up with a top 5 list and get into the most influential SMCs of all time. Derrick and Grant return for the festivities, Ugly wages war on the cast, Brian shows his age, and Dave gets way too happy on the vodka.

Business as usual in this supersized, innuendo filled romp through our childhoods. Join us, won't you?

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In this episode the we review the weekly series 52, World War 3, and the first six issues of the "sequel," Countdown. It's an hours worth of halfbaked theories and humor as only the Geek Savants can deliver.

48 out of 52 parallel Earths agree... this is the best episode yet!

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In this jam-packed episode Brian, Josh and Dave recount their time at Supercon 2007 and go over some of their recent purchases, which leads to the age old question: Floppy or Trade? It's a heated discussion about high profile creators and their infamously late books. Anyone remember Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk?

Plus, the guys get into some listener email and even find the time to butcher a little poetry. Take that ya Sandbastards!

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The guys wrap up their season finale extravaganza with what might just be the best show on television: LOST. In one of the most comprehensive looks at season 3, the Savants take a hard look at where the show has been... and possibly where it's headed.

Is Ben truly evil? Why is Mikhail unkillable? And what secrets are buried in future Jack's beard? More questions (and maybe even a couple of answers) in this episode!

As promised we've included Ugly's notes on the website (the geeksavants.podbean.com). Are they the thoughts of a genius or the scribblings of a madman? You decide.


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This episode the Savants are joined by frequent guests Derrick Wiley and Grant Miller to give you the low down on the season finales of The Office and Heroes. It's a no-punches-pulled discussion of what went right and what failed this season for two of televisions biggest shows. It's a hugfest gone terribly wrong as some of Heroes inconsistencies threaten to derail the show.

Whose side are you on?

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We’ve got a Forum!

The guys over at Comic Geek Speak were good, nay, GREAT enough to give us a forum on their website. If you aren't a member, create an ID and start posting today!

What else are you going to do at work? Really?

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