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Episode 22: The Curse of Three

While the Geek Savants are off partying at Comic-Con International, they proudly present this pre-recorded (aren't they all?) episode devoted to third movies and the curse surrounding them.

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After taking on such a weighty topic in episode 21, Brian and Dave decide to give the listeners exactly what they want: a top 5 list of the women they'd love to bone! Some of their picks may shock you!

It's another filthy podcast recorded in the smutty Savant style. Excelsior!

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Episode 21: Darker Heroes…

This week, Brian and Dave kick whitey out of the room and discuss the recent influx of culturally diverse characters in comics. From the Patriot and Nick Fury to the all new Atom and Firestorm, it's never been a better time to be "darker" than the average hero!

Now if we can just get Hollywood to cast an Asian in a romantic role...

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In this Green Lanterncentric podcast, the Savants focus their cold stare on The Sinestro Corps Special. They take a journey through Hal Jordan's history and take a couple of stabs as to the future of everyone's favorite emerald avenger.

The Sinestro Corps Special is the Savant's highest rated comic of 2007 so far. You owe it to yourself to find out why!

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In this weeks episode, the Geek Savants add two more guests to their ranks, and turn their attention to what is sure to be one of this summer's biggest blockbusters, Michael Bay's "Transformers." Spoilers are abound as we cover the highs and lows of this "epic" movie. Hell, we even give you a little product placement of our own!

Take that Hasbro!


R.I.P. Jazz... Dan will miss you.

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