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Episode 26: Americanime

In this episode the Geek Savants welcome Josh Hunter back from his time as an Incan Sun God and introduce you to the non-geek badboy, Jay Bodas.

The boys talk cartoons, specifically American animated feature films, and give you the lowdown on their favorite non-Asian Animation!


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It’s finally here... the episode that five of you demanded! In this half-year anniversary celebration the Savants get drunk. Horribly drunk. And answer questions from the forum.

Easily the crudest episode in the Geek Savants six month history, we recommend taking this one in in small doses. When it’s all said and done, only one question is left unanswered: How insane is episode 50 going to be???

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In this episode the Savants welcome Brian's brother Ian into the fold for their discussion of the first three issues of World War Hulk. The guys wax poetic on the not-so-jolly green giant's past and possible future. Why hasn't the Hulk killed any Illuminati members? Why is Professor Xavier a dumbass? Find out here!

It's another sexually charged, spoiler-filled romp from the guys that brought you "The Wrath of Con" and "Saturday Mournings." Savants Smash!!

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Episode 23: The Wrath of Con

Yes, it's finally here! Join Super Ugly and Dave as they give you their day by day account of the fanboy event of the year: San Diego Comic-con International. Chock full of interviews with comic pros like David Petersen, Cliff Chiang and Freddie Williams, drunken escapades, and insights into San Diego nightlife, this oversized episode is sure to entertain!

Danger straight ahead!

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... for creating this sweet banner to help promote our upcoming 25th episode. It does my heart good knowing that there are people like Jason out there listening to us and honestly, that's why we do the show. 

As for the rest of you assholes, check out the drunken hugfest on the 19th.


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Pictures from San Diego

Sorry for the delay... we're having technical difficulties with Episode 23. We'll try to have it posted by Friday August 10th. In the meantime... check out these pics!

From Left to Right: Dave, Grant, DJ Logan, Super Ugly and Dan



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