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Archive for September 2007

Episode 31: Versus Doomsday!

This week, Dave and Ugly go over the Superman Doomsday DVD and the comics that inspired the animated film. They also review other straight to DVD cartoon movies of recent history, gripe about comics, and make a pact to quit buying Countdown.

Oh, and Brian calls with a traffic report and Dave is attacked by a dog.

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In this episode the guys take a trip down memory lane to a comically painful time in their lives: Highschool. Derrick Wiley drops by to throw in his two cents on growing up geek, Ugly's theories on his own popularity are debunked, Dave laments over the scumbaggery of his youth, Dan gets philosophical on your asses, and Grant chases chubbies.

All this, and the guys give you their top five favorite highschool themed movies.

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In this episode Super Ugly, Grant and Dave talk about... stuff.

After suckering you into listening to a half hour recap of their recent comic book purchases, the boys get into a meaty discussion about the television shows that will be clogging their Tivo boxes over the next couple of months, and go over the stinkers that they are going to avoid.

Dave drinks more beer, Grant unwraps gifts and Ugly gets ugly as only Ugly can! It's business as usual in the House of Idiots.

Welcome back, Dwight!



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Super Ugly on itunes!

Our very own Super Ugly's new album, Unified School District: Brokedown Palace is available at itunes! Jam packed with hip-hop goodness, Brokedown Palace also includes our theme song, "Action Figures."

Visit http://www.myspace.com/unifiedschooldistrict or go to itunes to preview tracks.

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Episode 28: Halloweenies

Always striving to provide you with the best podcast this side of Haddonfield, Illinois, the Geek Savants review not only Rob Zombie's 2007 remake of Halloween but EVERY Halloween Movie EVER MADE... yes, even the crappy third one! Join Grant, Super Ugly and Dave as they take a journey through one of the most enduring movie franchises of all time.

Halloween in September? It's not as bad as you'd think!

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In this laborious Labor Day Weekend episode, Dave and Ugly go over their favorite "Dick Friendly Chick Flicks," romantic movies guaranteed to entertain even the manliest of men.

Can't seem to agree on a rental? Tired of the sappy sobfests your "better half" keeps making you sit through?

Well, If you're looking for a sure fire, hassle free way to get into your ladies panties, then try out one of our DFCFs!


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