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Archive for November 2007

In this episode, Brian goes AWOL and the Savants decide to clear the air concerning his manic, Joker-like laughter. In between jabs they even find the time to discuss their favorite comicbook movies.

This one leads directly into next week's Batman and Robin commentary episode, so dust off those dvds kids, we're going back into the trenches!

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In their third (yes, third) episode dedicated to videogames, the Geek Savants take a look back at one of their favorite pasttimes: classic arcade games. The boys also look at early home consoles and take a peek into the future of home entertainment. It's a perversion of nostalgia that will leave you gasping for more.

Featuring beats by Unified School District's Ecto One.

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With all the hoopla surrounding the writers guild strike, the Savants decided to focus their attention on a much happier group of talent-- namely their personal favorite comicbook writers. It's another fun-filled, sexually charged episode that asks the queston: Is Grant Morrison really that good?  

The answer may upset you. And him.

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As per Eric Martin of the Comics Playground Podcast's request, the Geek Savants share their favorite comicbook storylines of all time. What starts as a run of the mill "Top 5 Episode" turns into a super-sized three hour event!

Be careful what you wish for, Eric!

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