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Archive for December 2007

Episode 45: The Savanties

This is it! The last episode of 2007! An awards show! Grant! Ugly! Dave! Hiram!




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Episode 44: Memoirs of a Geek

In this episode the Geek Savants take a page out Grant's therapy sessions and pull all the skeletons out of their closets. The guys recount painful tales of comics lost and Dave is revealed to be the biggest nerd bastard in nerd history!

Oh, and the boys go over the comicbook series they want made into TV shows. Talk about a Christmas wishlist!

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Episode 43: Savants in Space!

In this episode the Geek Savants talk about their favorite unsung sci-fi movies. Enjoy!

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The Geek Savants throw their format out the window again and record the funniest episode to date. Brian's undying hatred of 'Heroes' flares up, Ugly introduces the guys to their newest co-host, Hiram Rebinowitz, Dave has sex with Elektra-Skrull's corpse and Dan gets stuck in a 'Deadwood' loop... again. The Savants even let a girl in the room! Wonders will never cease...




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In this special commentary episode the Geek Savants spotlight Joel Schumacher's franchise killing opus, "Batman and Robin" and come off sounding like complete homophobes. Nothing could be further from the truth as halfway through the episode they fall asleep lovingly in each others arms.

If you aren't easily offended by dick-loving humor and terrible comic movies this one's for you!

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