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No New Episode? WTF–!

Yep. No new episode this week. Ugs and I planned on recording this weekend at Wondercon, but we were swamped with commissions, schmoozing and general naughtiness. So instead we'll be doing a wrap up show with Brian, our man on the floor and Grant, the bitch that faked on us.

Expect sparks to fly!

Oh, and there will be a special guest at the top of the program. See you Sunday.

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In this episode the guys are forced back into Grant's camper! They go over their favorite American Idol cast members and talk about everyone's favorite castaways on LOST. Theories fly around the makeshift studio as the guys try to make sense of LOST's many mysteries and Brian drops the spoiler of the season with his knowledge of the Oceanic Six.

 Spoilers ahoy!

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This is it! The biggest, most selfindulgent episode ever!

To celebrate their 50th episode, the Geek Savants answer more listener questions and come up with a few of their own. From porn to comics to television and back again, the Geek Savants leave no stone unturned in this landmark episode. 

The conversation goes into several dark places, so this one may not be for everyone. You've been warned!

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