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The tension that's been building for over a month comes to a head as Grant Miller finally returns to the studio! Luckily, the guys are able to look past his doucheyness long enough to review some comics and music, announce their next contest and add a new segment. Pimp slaps for everyone!



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Another classic for the uninitiated:

This week the Savants throw their lame excuse for a format out the window and go over their personal picks from recent TV, comics, film and movie rentals. Dave goes on a bad trip with Crank, Brian digs a few gems out of the bargain bin, and Josh gives TMNT… FIVE CHUBBIES?! Will wonders never cease?

Originally posted March 27th 2007.

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Episode 55: She’s a Lady

Happy Easter!

This week, the Geek Savants are joined by Mrs. Ugly as they pick apart Toyfare's Ass Kicking Women list, and throw down on who should really make the cut.  

The conversation quickly devolves into senseless ramble that can be summed up in four words:

Rosa Parks versus Zombies. Enjoy!

Outro music by Tom Jones.

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Yes, it's a special Easter treat as the Geek Savants (and Mrs. Ugly) go over the season finale of Project Runway. Want to know what we thought about the final three?

You're either in... or your out!

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As part of our one year anniversary celebration, we represent "Buffy Returns," in which the world is introduced to our theme music, "Action Figures" as well as our newest co-host, Super Ugly!

This is the one that started us on the road to hell. Enjoy the ride.

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Episode 54: Unsung Heroes

Yes, Grant Miller goes rogue once again ditching his lifelong friends. This time the bastard takes a trip down the coast to commune with the whales and his wife. Tension rises as the Geek Savants decide what's best for the show, coming to a conclusion that will surprise you. Worlds will shatter, universes will be torn asunder, and the Geek Savants will never be the same!

Oh, and the the guys talk about their favorite Z-list heroes, current comics and more.

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In honor of their one year anniversary, The Geek Savants present their very first episode, "Steve is Dead!" which originally aired on March 13, 2007.

Look for more bonus "classics" and all new episodes every week! Who loves ya, baby?


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Episode 53: Action Packed!

With Grant still MIA, the guys discuss his (and their) favorite action movies of all time.

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Episode 52: Group Therapy

After pulling a no show on us at the biggest comic convention in Northern California, fellow Geek Savant Grant Miller cancels on the episode at the last minute. And after we had made plans to record it at his house! What a douche!

So in honor of our balless comrade, we present the first installment of "group therapy." Thanks a lot, Grant!

Oh, and in between cheap shots we recount the weekend that was Wondercon 2008.


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