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Episode 60: Savants Hijack!

In this unauthorized episode of the Geek Savants Grant Miller and Brian Roberts decide to take control of the show while Ugly and Dave go whore themselves out in Pittsburgh. We get "Lost" in the Bukake 1 and Freeball our asses off. Be prepared for the hairiest episode to date. No really.

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This week Grant, Dave and Super Ugly take a journey through the murky underbelly of television, film and comics to compile a list of villians sure to send chills down your spine! Along the way the guys squabble over who wrote Red Red Wine, the 'villianous' Ben Linus and Nazis being popculture's most endearing villians. Oh, and we announce the commentary contest winner a week early 'cause we're weird!

Outro by our man Neil Diamond.

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Episode 58: Mouth Trumps Hand

In the most unfocused episode ever, the guys set out to respond to forum posts and wind up talking about their favorite non-geek hobby: sex. If that's not enough to pique your interest, they also get pimp slapped by the Ho Slayer, go over their recent reads, the travesty that is American Idol, and the film 'The Ruins.'

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TGS Spotlight On: Geek Brunch

Join us as we celebrate one of our favorite podcasts: Geek Brunch. GB hosts Heath Holland and Mike Myers (no, the other, OTHER Mike Myers) were gracious enough to invite Dave to sit in on an episode and podcasts collide in an orgy of pop culture sure to offend everyone in earshot.

Nothing is sacred as the Brunch gets a taste of Savant flavor in this epic meeting of the minds!!! Originally posted as Geek Brunch 41: Dwonch You Love Me Baby? on April 10th, 2008.

Listen to the Geek Brunch Podcast every week at: geekbrunchpodcast.com or subscribe at itunes! 


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Brain and Josh are in their element as they give you the first half of their Videogame Special. This time the boys are serving up their opinion on the best game franchises of all time. Dave chimes in a bit, and we present another song by The Unified School District.

Originally posted on April 8th, 2007.

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In this episode, the guys take a tour through their days as two-bit criminals. Somehow Dave and Ugly come out smelling like roses as Grant drops possibly the most disturbing story in Geek Savants history.

 WARNING: Listening to this episode may result in a boner to the face!

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Super Ugly, Dave, and Brian (via email) discuss their top 5 comic artists of all time and the work that made them comicbook demi-gods. From Adam Hughes to Frank Quitely, the Savants leave no stone unturned in this fun and informative forty-something minute romp. Hell, even Rob Liefeld gets a mention!

Originally posted April 2, 2007 

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