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Episode 65: Cracking the Whip!

In this episode the Savants review Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The guys nitpick the crap out of the film in the most negative positive review of all time.

WARNING: If you haven't seen the film, don't listen to all spoiler episode!!!

Outro music by... well, if you don't know we're not telling.

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In this episode the guys talk recent comics, movies and television. Along the way they wrap up their Supercon coverage and fill in the gaps in Dave's drunken memory. Chock full of surprises, this one is full of drunken antics, bad decisions, and apologies to Stacebob, Frank Cho's assistant, and forum member Webhead (who we accidentally call T-Star and Racer Hex).

Listen if you dare!

Outro music by The Bravery

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The San Jose Marriot gets converted into a makeshift recording studio as the guys take a break from the second largest comics convention in Northern California: Super-Con.

Grant finds his niche as an artist much to the horror of Dave, Brian makes an offer LOST's Jorge Garcia will probably refuse, and Super Ugly gives us the play by play on his sexy Vegas trip.

And what's a Hamburger Vagina? Listen on, true believers.  

Outro music by The King

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Episode 62: Avengers Next?

In this episode Dave, Brian and Super Ugly give a spoiler review of Marvel's blockbuster film Iron Man. Their minds are completely blown by the post credits bonus footage and ask the question on everyone's lips, "Is an Avengers movie on the horizon?"  

Outro music by The Cardigans.

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In this spoileriffic episode Brian and Dave review season 3 of Battlestar Galactica with special guest Derrick Wiley. Who’s the fifth Cylon? Is Starbuck really alive? Why does Brian hope she’s dead?! Find out in this forty-something minute long episode!

Originally posted on April 23rd, 2007

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Super Ugly and Dave make their triumphant return from Pittsburgh. It's shout outs aplenty as the guys give you the play by play of the drunkest weekend of the year. Find out what comics rose to the top of the convention pile, who got the full nude tea bag, and which CGS host got pimp slapped! All this and Brian, too!

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This week Dave and Super Ugly are joined by longtime friend Grant Miller. The trio talk comics and give you their take on the most recent episodes of LOST and the Office.

Originally posted April 16th 2007, this marks the very first episode featuring Grant "Peena Colada" Miller!

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