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In this episode the Geek Savants recount their misadventurous "Tales of Lore" concerning their failed love lives. It's a no holds barred discussion about the opposite sex that answers the question, "If your diabetic date asks for sugar in her mouth, does she really mean... penis?"

This exhaustive two hour episode is easily the most vulgar outing to date, and gives more insight into the personal lives of the Geek Savants and the events that shaped them into the scumbags that you know and love.

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In a desperate bid for ratings the Geek Savants finally give the listeners what they want-- an all music episode. Join Grant, Dave, Brian and Super Ugly as they give you the run down on sixteen of their favorite songs.

Want to sing along? Get the Geek Savants Mixtape here:


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After last weeks failure, Super Ugly and Dave try skyping again and manage to get an episode recorded. This week they celebrate the return of "The Venture Bros.," go over the finer points of the season finale of "LOST," and Ugly reviews the film, "The Strangers."

Oh, and they talk about earning the porn.

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TGS Rewind: Episode 8

Grant Miller returns! This time out, Super Ugly, Dave and Grant go list crazy, offering up their favorite toys of all time. It’s a blast from the past as the boys recount their painfully hilarious childhoods, the lengths they went to get their action figures, and the toys that still hold a place in their hearts. Easily the funniest episode to date!

 Originally posted on May 17th,2007

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