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Archive for July 2008

In this post SDCC episode that hopes it has new listeners, the Geek Savants (that's Grant, Brian, Super Ugly, and Dave for you newbies) talk about the things the love most about comics, namely their favorite heroes, villians, mini and ongoing series. It's a bukake blast of podcasty goodness that promises to leave you on your knees and begging for more. Sexy!

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Awkward porn talker... ATTACK! In this special episode Brian, Dave and Super Ugly spotlight one of their favorite shows of all time: The Venture Bros. 

Packed with useless trivia, character bios and overviews of their favorite episodes, the boys leave no stone unturned as they celebrate their love for two teenage boys named Hank and Dean.

They even find time to review Hellboy II and give you the skinny on the new DC Animated DVD, Batman: Gotham Knight.

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In this episode all four Geek Savants get into their recent reads, debate comicbook death and give you step by step instructions on child proofing your toy collection. 

All this, and Super Ugly drops the greatest newsflash in Savant history. Curious? Bursting with anticipation? It's all in this episode's title, true believers.

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After months of trying to fit this one on the schedule, all four Savants unite for another commentary episode. This time the guys turn their attention to one of their favorite 80's action flicks: The Last Dragon.

Dust of those old VHS tapes and get ready for movie night... Savant Style!

Special thanks to forum member (and commentary contest winner), Zelicious. We owe you some crappy comics! Sho'nuff!

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The guys visit Dave's new house out in the middle of nowhere and manage to bang out an episode featuring their top five comedies. It's a red bull and vodka, marijuana and diet Coke charged two and a half hour epic that will be sure to entertain. Enjoy.

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