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Episode 99: TGS All-Stars

In this episode, the guys bring in Geek Savants forum regulars G-Dog, Nigmatic, MelvillesFist, Manticore, and The Question to partake in the Episode 100 pre-party. It's a an extra special episode that gets into the personal lives of some of their favorite listeners. Find out what life is like coast to coast with the TGS All-Stars!

Plus, the guys talk comics, conventions, sex, lies and murder. Pig-Iron!

Outro music by Nigmatic

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Jam packed with goodness, the Geek Savants recount their all-access tour of Pixar. Thanks to Super Ugly's friend, the guys were able to walk through every department, getting a peek behind the curtains to nearly every aspect of the creative process. It's easily the most informative and inspiring episode to date.

Plus, the guys try to fix the economy, go over recent television, throw four bro codes your way, and discuss the dissolution of Ugly's magical threesome.

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With Super Ugly out with strep throat and Brian basking in the glory of his victory in the poker tourney, Dave and Grant keep the show alive. It's a jumbled mess as they discuss recent comics including Batman R.I.P. and Captain America, television and Grant's Biggest Loser Fetish, as well as films like Zack and Miri and whatever that new Dane Cook movie is called.  

It's the episode that makes the distinction between a CGS and CBQ gangbang of Grant Morrison, that' s sure to pleasure... and punish!

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In this, the first episode of 2009, the Geek Savants discuss what their looking forward to in the new year, including toys, videogames, television, film and their personal lives. It's a touching, heartfelt episode that coins the term "Clit Boner." Happy New Year.

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Tom and Brian look deep into their (crystal) balls and give their predictions on the best videogames of 2009. Plus, another installment of Tom Green's memoirs including an incident that stunted Tom's rise to superpimp. All this and Gamestop rant and a Gamefly handjob. Try not to listen. We dare you!

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