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The Savants are back with a vengeance! This week, Brian and Super Ugly go on the double date from hell as they drag their wives to the remake of Friday the 13th. Factor in Dave as the fifth wheel, and you've got the worst recipe for romance ever!

It's a spoiler-filled episode that gives a start to finish account of the newest installment of the Jason Voorhees franchise, and side by side comparison of the original classic. Two hot chicks and three obnoxious dicks-- this is one has it all! Well, except Grant...

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In this post coital episode, Brian, Dave and Grant discuss the train wreck called Final Crisis and Marvel's ongoing event Dark Reign. The guys visit some of televisions best in Battlestar Galactica, LOST and The Brave and the Bold, as well as TVs guiltiest pleasure... American Idol.

Plus, tips on the lost art of the Hand Job. Happy Valentine's Day!

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In this direct sequel to episode 100, the guys are joined by the prodigal Savant, Grant Miller, to explain his absence and to help answer questions that were, for no good reason, left unasked last week.

And while Grant can neither confirm or deny Dave's magic sex number, he does declare the winner in the "most blowable Savant" category, Ugly tells the most disturbing masturbation story ever, Dave dares to watch his parents sex tape, and Brian... speaks!

It's another instant classic that delves into the twisted psyche you favorite hooligans.

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You'll have to hear it to believe it.

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