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Archive for April 2009

Now well into their second year the guys decide to actually try out a new format. What transpires is a cluster f*ck of epic proportions in which Ugly drops musical wisdom, Dave questions the need for Parks & Recreation, Brian reviews Elite Squad and Grant goes on, and on, and on, and on about recent Green Lanten comics.

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Episode 111: Wrestlemaniacs

This week the guys take a trip down memory lane with a topic near and dear to their hearts: Professional Wrestling. That's right, this time out the Geek Savants go over their favorite wrestlers, recall the highs and lows of sports entertainment, and celebrate one of most enduring branches of American popculture.

Plus Transporter 3, Wonder Woman and Role Models get reviewed, renfare fantasies and the origin of teh!

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Episode 110: Ugly’s Angels

The guys continue their series of movie commentary episodes with one of Super Ugly's guilty pleasures: Charlie's Angels. It's another instant classic in which the guys argue about Drew Barrymore's choice in men and find a little piece of heaven in Cameron Diaz's awkwardly sexy dance moves.

In between jabs at McG and each other, Ugly smokes enough weed to kill a donkey, Dave gets beligerently drunk, and Grant and Brian barely manage to keep the show from derailing completely! Plus, Lucy Liu, Joey from Friends and Geek Savants favorite, Sam Rockwell.

Pop the dvd in and take a trip down memory lane... it's not as bad as you remember...

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This episode the Brian, Super Ugly and Dave discuss one of the most enduring comic series of all time: the X-Men.

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