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Archive for May 2009

Episode 117: Completely LOST

With the season finale of LOST weeks behind them, the Geek Savants reconvene to make sense of one of the most challenging episodes to date. Their quest for answers leads them back to the shows beginnings, and what starts as a simple season five review turns into a series retrospect that brings up more questions than answers. The guys dig deeper into the world of LOST than ever before and prove just why they've earned their titles as "Geek Savants."


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You read the title correctly. This Memorial Day weekend, Dave and Super Ugly try something a little different and get artist alley tables at the California Bay Area's largest anime convention: Fanime Con. Recorded after the first day of the four day show, the guys recall the days events with Brian and special guest, forum member Joshness.

The guys talk TV and movies, Super Ugly laments his misspent youth, and Brian gives a (not so) dramatic reading from the novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

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Episode 115: This Means War!!!

Sparks fly this week as the guys discuss their favorite war films. Along the way the very definition of "war movie" comes into question. From "The Final Countdown" to "Full Metal Jacket," Grant, Brian and Super Ugly celebrate the manliest dramas put to film, and Dave lets everyone in on his secret shame.

Yep, he doesn't like war movies.

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This week the guys gather in the Bukake One to review recent movies, including the Star Trek film franchise reboot and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Plus lame ass toy trivia, getting over on Disneyland, Mesmo Delivery, Free Comic Book Day and Damone!

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This week the guys take another listener request and spill the beans on how they met their wives. From Brian's storybook romance to Ugly's desire to bang Dave's future wife, this one has it all. Plus, Grant rambles on (and on and on) once again, but this time it's actually entertaining.

Ever wonder why scum bags always get the girl? Wonder no more, true believers.

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