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The ghost of Michael Jackson sabotages the Geek Savants recording equipment as the guys pay their respect (and disrespect) to the King of Pop. Plus, more stories from Heroes Con and a bonus tale of lore. 

Featuring music by PKD Media's Shawn Pryor with outro music by MJ himself.

NOTE: The sound quality in the front half of this episode is absolutely terrible. If you get frustrated, skip to 1:05:50.

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Live from their Heroes Con hotel room, Dave and Ugly are joined by PKD Media's Shawn Pryor, SRG publisher Jason Martin, TV's Mario, Mrs, Kellie and The Chad for a play by play on Heroes Con 2009.  What transpires is a mixed bag including topics ranging from self-publishing, the elevator pitch, D&D, TV's Keanu Reeves, BBWs, and black bear cubs.

The Amazing June Beer Hunt

Outro music by the New New Edition.

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Episode 119: UP and Falldown Drunk

This episode the Geek Savants review Pixar's latest masterpiece 'UP' before turning their attention to one of Hollywood's tried and true business plans: The Remake.  The guys go over the best and worst remade movies and discuss the films they'd love to see get facelifts.

Along the way Dave somehow polishes off an entire bottle of vodka, insuring this one will be chock full of what the f*ck?! Excelsior!

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This week the guys go back to their roots with a little kinky roleplaying and try to figure out why the internet turns perfectly normal people into whiny @$$holes. Along the way they find the time to review Breaking Bad, I Kill Giants and recent issues of Thor.

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