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Archive for September 2009

Next week, the guys Halloween celebration starts with the first of FIVE horror themed episodes.

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As Grant prepares to sell the Bukake One, the guys decide to have one last fling in the mobile studio. What transpires is a mixed bag of conversation ranging from the the Hayward Con to recent TV and movies, including reviews of Observe and Report, Community, and the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia musical. Plus, board games, trivia talk and the Bait Bus!

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Geek Savants Cover Art

Seeing as how some of you aren't downloading episodes from itunes, we figured you'd like to see some of the cover art for our episodes. We'll try to make this a permanent thing!

This one's the cover art for tomorrow's episode.

This is the cover art for Episode 133: Pissing on the Dog

This is the cover art for Episode 131: Desperately Seeking Nude Scenes

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In this episode, the guys take the long way around discussing current comics. Along the way they take a trip to crazytown as Grant and the boys discuss parenting issues including bed wetting and canine abuse.

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It's here again! Fall is nearly upon us, and the Geek Savants are here to walk you through the highs and lows of the upcoming TV Season.

Plus, the guys are reunited with Grant and... they sports and anime?! Stranger things have never happened.

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In this list filled episode, the guys go over 406northlane.com's "Definitive Roles" article before taking a trip down memory lane with a list of their all-time favorite nude scenes. It's a perverse journey through their one handed movie watching past that is sure to entertain. Plus, the figure out who is the greatest Savant using the Geek Cred List!

Outro music by Art Brut.

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