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This week the guys get together for a little comic talk. This time it's a Deadliest Warrior style discussion of recent Cosmic, Crossover, Team and "Return of..." comics as the boys leave bodies in their wake as they crown the best of the Big Two in each category. Plus, the guys pay their respects to two of their heroes, Ugly decides to get the band back together, and TGS makes the biggest decision in their three year history: They are now a spoiler podcast.

Outro music by Ronnie James Dio.

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This week The Geek Savants get multiple upgrades in their battle against mediocrity as they get new recording equipment and a new secret lair. Join them in their quest to crown the deadliest warrior, review Iron Man 2, make predictions for tonight's LOST series finale, discuss recent season finales, ponder the internet's latest craze, and pose the most important question in the history of the show: who would win in a fight... Hillbillies or Guidos? The answer will surprise you...

Strap yourselves in and get ready for an ass roll!

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This week the guys sit down to record another movie commentary, this time for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. What starts out as one of the worst movie watching experiences of their lives turns into one the greatest as Chris Klein inadvertently steals The Geek Savants hearts, and the guys create one of the best drinking games EVER!   

Break out those DVDs kids, it's Street Fighter time!

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Episode 166 Audio Issues

Sorry about the sound quality in this week's episode. We recorded in Super Ugly's living room after our Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li commentary. It's a huge room with not much in it so our voices bounced off the walls something fierce.

We're moving into the new Savant studio week after next so the sound will be top notch from here on out...

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This week the guys welcome Grant back in the only way his wife, I mean life will allow: through voicemails. Thankfully Grant's messages are almost as entertaining as the man himself, sparking conversations about male pattern baldness, rough sex, Jerseylicious, sexy video bloggers and buying a money pit.

No comic talk here, just grade-A Savant scumdillery!

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Welcome to the first episode of “The Geek Savants Present: Tropicana Village.” Super Ugly and his co-pilot Jesse Cortez take a different road to get to the same scummy side of town that you’ve come to know and love. In this episode the guys talk racecars, professional drinking, eagle dick and the elusive Asian swamp eel. Please join us as we give you a supplemental suppository of goodness.

Outro music: “2000 Man” by the Rolling Stones.

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Episode 165: Webcomic Savants


This week the guys take a break from their normal schedule with a reposting of Comic Geek Speak's Super Show 2010 Webcomics Panel. This informative and hilarious panel features (from left to right) Jamie Fickes of Mumblepuss, Dave Dwonch (hey, that's me!) of Space-Time Condominium, Mike Schwartz of Oceanverse, Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots, Katie Cook of Gronk, Julian Lytle of ANTS, Kevin Freeman of SubCulture, and moderator Jim Ford of FW4D.

Ever wondered what goes into making a webcomic? Find out here!

Special thanks to Bruce Rosenberger and Jamie Fickes for suppyling the audio.

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