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This week the guys give Grant center stage as he recounts the two month gap between recording with The Geek Savants. Along the way he describes the perils of moving, retraces his steps in Catalina-- reliving that fateful day when he crippled his mother's cocaine addled boyfriend, and takes a family cruise in which Grant enters a hairiest chest contest, finds an arch-nemesis or two, and nearly has a threesome with E.T.'s Dee Wallace.

Plus, the truth behind Super Ugly's hatred of Adam Hughes is revealed, and the guys bicker about Dave's ability to talk to anyone.

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The Best Commission. EVER.

This is the commission request from Heroes Con 2010 that Dave wouldn't shut up about in episodes 171 and 172. Somethings are better left unposted, but for you, our faithful listener, we present "Green Arrow in the Brown Canary." Enjoy:


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This week the guys welcome Grant Miller back into the fold, and John's original DJ, Ron Baxter, makes his first appearance for what could possibly be the filthiest episode ever! No comic talk here, just raw unedited discussions about making music, Deadliest Warrior: Gay vs. Straight, the most offensive Real Doll ever and the nastiness growing between Ugly and Grant's legs. This one is not for the squeamish!

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Welcome back to Tropicana Village. This month Jesse and Ugly discuss the wacky world of spray painting on buildings. They go into detail on the rules and lingo of graffiti-- along the way discussing why a fat guy thinks he should be on a roof, why a fat guy thinks painting a girls name will "get him some" and other oddities. Ever want to know something about the crap that clogs up the walls and freeways in your hometown? Well, Tropicana Village has an episode for you.

Outro music: "Simple As" by Kid Cudi

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In the most unenergetic episode ever, Dave and Super Ugly recount their time at Heroes Con. What transpires is a bitch and moan session of gigantic proportions in which Dave gets the greatest/worst commission request of all time, Super Ugly declares war on a famous pin-up artist and they both fight the urge to crap their pants. Enjoy… if you dare!

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This week Dave and Ugly venture to the Dirty South for Charlotte, NC's Heros Con. Recorded on the Friday of the show, they are joined by Comic Geek Speak's Bryan Deemer, Subculture's Kevin Freeman, and PKD Media's Shawn Pryor and Jon Carroll. The guys discuss a mixed bag of topics including their wives tolerance levels, convention life and hot chicks that draw, circumcision and why the forum keeps crashing. Plus, Bryan Deemer reveals himself as the Sexual Sorcerer Supreme. By the Whory Whores of Hoggath!

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