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Episode 177: Bad Dates


This week the Super Ugly, Dave and Ron address recent emails in between recounting the worst events in their sex lives. It's a potpourri of bad dates, missed opportunities, secret shames, underage girls... and butt sex. Life lessons abound as the guys lay it all on the line for the sake of the listeners in hope that they might learn from The Geek Savants ultimate failures.

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Episode 176: Hot Mom Sex


This week the guys go over recent news of the world, including the Bearfoot Bandit, wife beating Mel Gibson, BP, and the MILF of all MILFs, Aimee Sword. No comic talk here, just popculture debauchery, Savant-style.

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Episode 175: Jumping the Shark


This week the boys literally jump the shark, celebrating their 175th episode by going over their favorite Pre-90's sitcoms. It's a trip down memory lane Savant-style, as the guys recall the hundreds of wasted hours spent in front of the TV.

Music by Souls of Mischief and Unified School District.

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This week the guys let their balls hang free as they discuss recent news including Wonder Woman's new costume and the all-new Spider-man actor, and review "The Last Airbender" and "Toy Story 3." An off handed comment from Super Ugly almost leads to a fist fight with Brian, and Dave drinks a LOT. Plus, the guys discuss 406northlane.com's Top Ten 80's Action Flick List and begin to make plans for what will be an epic 200th episode.

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