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This week the entire TGS crew is back together, as Grant digs his way out of the gulag and Brian returns from Japan. The guys hit the ground running as Brian describes his trip to the motherland, Super Ugly has another Unified show, Ron gets another nickname and the guys discuss recent popculture news. Oh, and did we mention that Super Ugly's baby was born?

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The Iron Giants Animatic

This is something that Grant, Super Ugly and Dave worked on a few years back for one of Unified School Districts songs. The guys got busy with other projects, but this animatic still holds a special place in their hearts...

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This week the guys wrap up their 2010 Horror themed episode with one of the worst movies ever created: The 2006 Wicker Man remake. The movie is so unbelievably terrible, that Super Ugly has to carry the burden of the film alone as the rest of the Savants are rendered speechless, and Dave gets hammered on bag liquor.

This is truly the worst Geek Savants episode. Ever. Have fun with it.

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The guys keep the terror train rolling to Halloweentown this week with the third (of four) October horror themed episodes. This time out the guys discuss the upcoming AMC television show, The Walking Dead, based on the Robert Kirkman penned Image Comics series.

Plus, an entire hour of nothing!

Outro music by The Cramps.

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Today at 11:30 AM the world was blessed by the birth of Kellie and John "Super Ugly" Williams baby boy, Bigby Cooper! Weighing in at 9.5 pounds and 21 inches, Bigby completes "The Ugly Threesome" in the most wholesome way possible.

Congrats to the Uglies-- we at the Savant Compound look forward to meeting the giant manbaby, and corrupting him for years to come!


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This week the Super Ugly, Dave and Ron Logic go over their "favorite" real life serial killers. From Gacy and Bundy to the Zodiac and the Nightstalker, this one is NOT for the squeamish! Plus, Grant redefines the four signs of insanity, and the guys take their first steps down the road to becoming mass murderers.

Outro music by James Todd Smith.

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Episode 186: The ID Monster


In the first of four Halloween inspired episodes, The Geek Savants discuss their favorite horror movie monsters. From Godzilla to the Cenobites, this one has it all. Plus, the guys discuss the physical manifestations of their inner demons, digging deep into their addled minds for more tales of lore.

Buckle in kids, it's going to be a wild October Horrorfest!

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