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This week, Brian, Ron and Grant abandon the show, leaving Super Ugly and Dave to their own awkward devices. Somehow they manage to churn out a freeballing episode jam packed with movie, comics and TV reviews, Black Friday buys, racial generalizations and parenting advice!

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This week, The Geek Savants give you a double feature of epic proportion!  First, the guys discuss their favorite real life superpowers. Things go terribly wrong as they reveal their very own superpowers, and a Savant unveils the magical, invisible, transparent Ronzorb. Then, the guys discuss the sci fi fantasy worlds that they'd want to live on.

It's another instant classic from the guys that brought you Juicy Hamburger Vagina and The Gauntlet!

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This week The Geek Savants freeball in the only way they can: with the most scatterbrained podcast of all time. It's Dave's 37th birthday, and TGS decides it's high time to get healthy... sort of. The guys call Dave on the carpet concerning his drinking problem, Dave comments on Super Ugly's pit stained, out of shape ass, and they collectively poo poo wine snobs, comic elitists and research the best fast food to eat.

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This week Grant and Dave take center stage for more tales of lore. Along the way, the guys discuss comics, TV, movies and the art of giving yourself a pearl necklace. Welcome back, Cockers.

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Shawn Pryor of PKD Media and the Geek Savants' Dave Dwonch join us this episode to give us the scoop on the new comic book publishing venture, Action Lab Entertainment! We then review Episode 1 of the Walking Dead TV Show from AMC!

Listen Here: http://www.comicgeekspeak.com/episodes/comic_geek_speak-1212.php

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