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Friday, February 11, 2011 · 7:30pm - 11:30pm Golden West Sign Arts 2819 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA

Come one, come all... The Geek Savants are recording a live show to celebrate their 200th episode. Join Super Ugly, Dave Dwonch, Brian Roberts, Grant Miller and Ron Baxter for a wild night of debauchery. We will be showing videos, taking questions from the audience, boozing, using, and there will be special Burlesque performances by Sparkly Devil as BarbWire and Lady Satan as Poison Ivy. We need all of our fans to tell all their friends, bring as many people as you can. The cost is a donation of 5 dollars, you can always donate more, to help cover the cost of creating this monstrosity. This an R-rated event, no children please, we don't want to damage anyone. If you have any questions contact us at thegeeksavants@yahoo.com, or if you want to ASK us any questions, we will answer even the weirdest questions on stage. yikes. Lets make this a night to foggily remember. Show starts at 9pm... Doors are at 8pm. Don't be late...

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TGS Flashback: Episode 50


This week the guys go balls deep with another flashback episode. This time the guys reintroduce the one that started them on the path of scumdillery-- Episode 50: Four Hours You Will NEVER Get Back! Bloated on snack food, tequila and weed, this Q&A session from February 2008 now features 40 additional minutes "director's commentary" from Grant, Brian, Super Ugly, Dave and Ron the Sexkimo.

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This week TGS discusses the world's greatest unsolved mysteries. From the Loch Ness Monster to the Bermuda Triangle to the Nazi Bell, the guys delve deep into true life stories, hoaxes and bizarre events in history.

Plus, they talk about what they want for Christmas, and order their own stocking stuffers!

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Dave splinches the Sexkimo!

Because no one demanded it! This is an excerpt from Episode 195: Alternate Reality You...

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This week the entire cast reunites for a freeball episode  of epic proportion! Dave gets hit by a car, Grant relays the frustration of designing big girl statues, Brian slanders the British, Ugly discovers the joy of marijuana infused breast milk, and Ron the Sexkimo gets splinched by a horny Filipino.  

Plus, the guys review the new Harry Potter flick, Get Him to the Greek, The Expendables, The Losers, Scott Pilgrim, The Walking Dead season finale, and a slew of crap reality shows!

Music by Vanilla Ice and Flock of Seagulls.

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TGS Flashback: Episode 25



This week Dave and Ugly take you back... way back to the beginnings of The Geek Savants with episode 25. Recorded in the first six monthes of the show, this one features Brian, Super Ugly, Dave and brother Dan in the first of many no-holes-barred Q&A anniversary episodes, which TGS would eventually become infamous for.

Plus twenty minutes of bonus "Director's Cut" commentary from Super Ugly and Dave! The bold march to episode 200 begins here!

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