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In the classiest episode ever, the guys discuss current events, the live show, and whore ex-girlfriends. Plus, the group contemplates the future of the show in the wake of the most shocking announcement in Savant history. A chapter of TGS is closing, and the show will never be the same.

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TGS Flashback: Episode 75


Remember the awesomeness of a much younger, sexier cast of Geek Savants! Now with commentary by the older, saggier cast!

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This year, the guys forego the tradition of "The Savanties" and give you their personal favorites in popculture from 2010. Plus, the best moments of the show and their personal lives remembered.

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This week the guys bring in the New Year by discussing what they did on New Years eve. An innocent conversation turns dark as Dave and Ugly bicker like a married couple, putting Ron the Sexkimo in the middle of their thinly veiled lover's quarrel. Plus, Christmas presents, New Year resolutions and news!

Welcome to 2011...

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