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Archive for March 2011

V2E4: In Retrospect


In this episode Super Ugly, Ronzorb and Dave recall their misspent youths, and their wasted potential. From comic projects to music making, the guys lament their best years and come to the realization that it's all down hill from here. And if that isn't enough of a downer, TGS talks about Japan. Blergh. 

Outro song "Ron Baxter" by Unified School District.

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V2E3: Super Team Go!


This week, the guys kick it old school with a little comic talk, namely their favorite super hero teams. 'Nuff said!

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V2E2: Meet Brian Robots


In the wake of Brian Roberts departure from TGS, the Geek Savants fill the void by building a new co-host. Meet Brian Robots.

With their mechanical friend in tow, The Savants discuss the news, recently watched movies, toy purchases, and throw in a little comic talk for good measure. Plus, tales of lore including debt reduction and mystery fetishes. The future is here!

Outro Music by Ron Logic and Super Ugly

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V2E1: The Return


After three weeks of well deserved rest, The Geek Savants reunite and discuss the fun, frenzy, and fall out of Episode 200: They Live. A new era in TGS history begins! Tune in, tune out and insert your balls in your loved ones mouths.

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