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Archive for April 2011

V2E8: Mega Maniac Mansion


This week all five Savants get together to talk about classic videogames for the first time... again. After two bungled attempts including a hard drive and computer crash, the guys finally get it right! Strap yourselves in for a trip down 8-bit memory lane, kiddies!

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This week the entire TGS cast returns for a freeballer of epic epicness! Join them as they discuss current events in their personal lives, Dave is defiled by the sentient Brian Robots, Dave challenges Ugly to their very own triathalon, and Grant visits a psychic! Plus, more political rants and... the news!

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V2E6: Surviving the Con!


This week the guys drop all of their knowledge surviving, nay, thriving during convention season. The guys bounce between topics from both sides of the table as both fanboys and professionals, covering the highs and lows of comic fandom.

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This week the guys pay tribute Japan in pure TGS fashion: by going over the things they love most about their popculture. Join them, won't you?

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