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V2E13: Future Imperfect


This week TGS travel into the not-so-distant future to check in on Super Ugly, who has moved into his in-law's house. After a truly horrible tale of woe, Dave and Ron make a pact to go back in time to prevent Ugly from making the worst decision of his life.

The duo make it back to May 29th, 2011 to warn Ugly of the Future Imperfect... and to record a truly awful episode. This mixed bag of crap has topics ranging from sex toys gone wrong to comicbook trivia. It's not as fun as it sounds, trust us.

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V2E12: Left Behind


This week, The Geek Savants celebrate their exclusion from The Rapture with a smattering of mini-topics including theit favorite single comicbook, favorite fast food eats, and their most embarrassing album. Plus, the guys go through Super Ugly's most cherished comics... and price them. It's much funnier than it sounds...

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V2E11: Kitty Porn


This week the guys go over recent news including the death of Osama, the incarceration of Justiano, the Bathroom Hard Man, and the Granny Bandit. Plus, Super Ugly prepares to hide his porn from the in-laws and the guys discuss what the FBI will find when they raid their houses.

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This week Dave and Ugly recall the weekend that was Comic Geek Speak's Super Show.

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V2E9: Old Dirty Elbows


This week the guys discuss their favorite Super Villain Teams and a few of their own personal defects.

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