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Archive for June 2011

V2E17: Rough Play Behind the Bunny


This week the guys review this summer's crop of movies including X-Men First Class, Thor, Green Lantern, The Hangover 2, and Bridesmaids. Plus, Super Ugly falls and hurts himself (again), Grant redefines the term "Rough Play," Dave shows his (overly) sensitive side, and Ron takes a stand against the internet.

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Leave a Voicemail!


The Geek Savants have a new voicemail line, and they want to hear from YOU! Send us your questions, comments and scummy stories to 510-306-4335 (That's 510-306-GEEK).

We'll be playing and responding to them on air so get to it! Be a part of the show!

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V2E16: Father Figure


In this special Father's Day episode, the guys talk about DC's upcoming reboot.... and their dads.

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This week The Geek Savants go digging through Grant's box of cherished comics, and discuss a poll... from the female perspective. Very quickly they discovering that all women are liars, only telling the truth when it doesn't paint them in a negative light. Plus, they review a few movies, and discuss this season's crop of TV cancellations.

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V2E14: D&G Glasses


After last week's train wreck of an episode, the entire TGS cast reunites for one of the best episodes ever! Brian and Grant join Dave, Ron and Ugly in the new Savant Compound to discuss Ugly's move to the In-Law's house, Grant's dick pictures, Comic Talk, News, and Email.

Plus, Brian coins a new phrase, and Grant's daughter finds Jesus.

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