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V2E30: From the Wreckage


In the wake of the Geek Savants' hard drive crash, what was once 2 hours of glory is now a truncated 30 minute episode. Still packed full of comedy, this episode contains everything they could recover from the black box.

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V2E29: System Failure


It happens to the best of them. This week TGS unintentionally takes the week off as the hard drive they save their episodes to crashes. To make matters worse, episodes 30 and 31 are lost in the system failure. Grant Miller, TGS' resident IT guy, is working hard to save what's left of 30 and 31 from a slowly degrading external drive, but episode 29 was lost completely.

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For those who couldn't make it to the TGS Physical Challenge, the Geek Savants are offering this 11x17 poster, printed on semi-gloss, cardstock. Be a part of TGS history for only $12 (shipping included). There is an extremely limited quantity of these left, so paypal wopapino73@yahoo.com to get yours today!

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This week the guys present the actual TGS Physical Challenge, filmed on August 28th, 2011.

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V2E27: Under the Covers


This week the guys deliver up a three course meal of awesome, going over their favorite comicbook covers, album covers, and cover tunes.

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