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Archive for October 2011


This week, the Savants close out the Halloween season with thier commentary of Friday the 13th: The New Blood.

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This week, the guys discuss their worst nightmares and argue over which horror movie world they'd want to try to survive in.

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V2E33: Bitch Made Monsters


This week, the guys get into Halloween spirit by talking about the worst movie monsters of all time. Plus, they tackle recent (and not so recent) horror stories in the news.

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This week the guys try to bounce back from Super Ugly's Birthday Sing-a-long, and Grant tries to explain why he's the worst friend ever. Plus, the guys go over recent movies and TV until a friend from Super Ugly's past derails an episode that can only be described as a frisky puppy stuck between two german shepherds. The Geek Savants are back, and scummier than ever.

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V2E31: Sitcom Battle Royale


After the hard drive crash that nearly ended TGS, Grant "IT" Miller is able to salvage almost an entire episode! Even with 20 minutes missing from the episode, it's still crammed full of goodness as the Geek Savants discuss their favorite post 1990 sitcoms as they put them in the octagon and eventually crown the king of the sitcom ring!

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