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Archive for November 2011


This week the guys talk about what they are most thankful for... and also what they are least thankful for.

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Dave and Ugly discuss their 20 year highscool reunion. Let that stew around in your brain a little bit, then enjoy the show!

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V2E37: Blue Balls Bayou


This week the guys go over news and listen to voicemails, leading to the most titillating topic in recent history as they design the perfect TGS sex club. Plus, Dave and Ugly bust out the old yearbook for a little trip down memory lane before their 20 year highschool reunion. It's not as interesting as you might think.

K.I.T. --The Geek Savants

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It's a free balling orgy as the Savants welcome their little ewok, Brian Roberts, back to the show. Lots of popculture talk as the guys discuss DC's new 52, recent TV and movie picks, and throw in a dramatic reading from Super Ugly's unholy bible to boot!

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