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Archive for December 2011

TGS Presents: PKD Media Black Box


This week, the guys decide to take a break from TGS proper for the holiday season, focusing the spotlight instead  on the PKD Media Blackbox. Don't get your feathers ruffled, this episode features TGS hosts Dave and Super Ugly. Along with Black Box host Shawn Pryor, the boys talk about cartoons, comics and their very own projects, Monsters are Just like Us and Space-Time Condominium Vol. 1., as well as Shawn Pryor's EXO-1 and the Rocksolid Steelbots and the genesis of Action Lab Entertainment.

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This week the guys perform an audio drama... of Dave's graphic novella, "Back in the Day." If you haven't picked it up yet, head over to graphic.ly (http://graphicly.com/action-lab-entertainment/back-in-the-day) then play along!

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This week, the guys push the boundaries of normalcy. Also, movies and tv talk!

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