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This week the guys discuss the things they'd like to see return to popularity, the 2012 celebrity deathwatch... and technology!

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Animator/Sculptor Grant Miller is introducing his newest creation, The Stelliform Owl, through a kickstarter campaign. Grant hopes to raise the funds to make this beautiful project a reality. The Stelliform Owl, each one unique and offered as rewards for your pledges.

Grant Miller has been working as a pin-up artist and animator for years, recently turning his attention to 3-D fabrication. Any proceeds above the kickstarter goal will go to fund several projects in the works.

Click on this link to see the Stelliform Owl.

The Stelliform Owl

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This week the guys get into a healthy discussion about porn before settling into a vanilla sundae of comics, TV and movie talk.

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V2E47: The Creative Process


This week the guys talk about their upcoming projects, their main influences, and where they see their careers going.

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V2E46: TGS Firsts


This week the guys discuss a slew of their firsts, including their first jobs, best friends, heartbreak, one night stands, drugs and more. Welcome to the future, everyone-- it's chock full of the past.

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