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Archive for July 2012


Ugly, Kellie and Ron discuss the three B's... Brazilians, Bush and Beavers.  Sit back and enjoy Tropicana Village's celebration of Summertime!

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V2E68: Cum Bowl, Baby!


This week the guys play a card game and talk  an immense amount of shit. Be about it.

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This week the guys return from Reno, and Grant goes missing... again. The guys discuss current events, comics trailers and get a gaggle of gifts from Dubba T. Plus, Toys, Singalongs, Ron beats himself up over Facebook, and the guys decide to never post episodes on Ustream ever again.

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As the gang heads to Reno for the weekend, Ugly and Ron decide to take some time during the week to record their first music podcast episode.  Done in Savant style, the guys talk over all the songs with nonsense and tidbits to keep your mind occupied.  Hella Kellie joins in during the beginning of the episode to bring massive amounts of sexiness that a normal Geek Savants episode would never have.  Laugh, Cry and Vomit as we present the rebirth of Tropicana Village.

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