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Archive for September 2012


This week, Ron, Dave, Grant and Brian try something new, spinning TGS off into a brand new show called Tropicana Village!

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Ugly's is stressed about traveling but not for reasons you may think.  Kellie and Ron try to talk it out with him.  Once Ugly gets his groove back after listening to a round of vacation songs, the gang comes up with the ultimate 40th Birthday bash.

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What is Grant's Life? for the win! This week the guys give you a game show for the apocalypse, as they bust out the Quizzard and finally get down to the  business of their trivia challenge. Two years and five Savants in the making, this one will go down in history!

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This week, it's all about toys as the guys talk about Grant's job opportunity with Mattel, unleash the weirdest wind up toy ever, and commentate over Super Ugly's stint on Toy Hunter.

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