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Archive for January 2013

V2E85: Adult Business


This week the guys do a dramatic reading. Of Cherry Poptart #12. It's not as awesome as you think it'd be.

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V2E84: A Torrid Love Affair


This week, the guys talk about old action movies that are due for a remake. It's a love affair for the ages as the guys look to the past, and dream of a future where their loves come back to them.

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This week we focus on recent movies. And Grant.

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This week, Kellie, Ugly and Ron discuss New Year's Resolutions.  Kellie confesses a new addiction that has Ugly worried.  Ugly has his dream of fame come true.  Ron goes Mano-a-Mano with a Christmas present.  With all this action, we short change you all on the music.  You're welcome.

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