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Archive for December 2017


This week, the guys discuss one of the most polarizing movies in recent history: Star Wars- The Last Jedi. It's spoiler filled show that will leave no rocks unmoved by the might of their force strong minds.

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This week, the guys get into what they've been watching this past year. Plus, they revisit the works of Juan Villa, the Patron Saint of Smut, only to discover a conspiracy that threatens to shake the very foundation of their beliefs!

Pour yourself a tall glass of Columbo and strap in for a wild romp through the minds of your favorite Savants. And by that we mean NOT Grant!


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TGS 308: Cabin in the Woods


The Geek Savants return... but for how long? After a year of silence, the boys get together in Dave's cabin, only to realize they've gone from boys to men, and old ones at that.

Catch up with Super Ugly, Dave, Ron Zorb and Brian Robots as they discuss how things have changed in their lives. It's a short, sweet re-introduction to the Savants, and a great primer for this Wednesday's full episode!


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