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The Geek Savants are comprised of four long time friends. Co-hosts Grant Miller and Super Ugly first met in third grade, and their love of comics, popculture and masturbation has helped their friendship endure well into their 30's. Super Ugly met co-host Dave Dwonch as Freshmen at Moreau High in Hayward, CA. Super Ugly introduced Dave to Grant in 1988 (as Grant went to another high school), and the unholy quartet was nearly complete.

It wasn't 'til 1989 that Dave met Brian Roberts at the local comic store at which Dave worked. Their passion for art and comics drove them to collaborate on a project called "Life&Death," and the duo were well on their way to indie comics stardom when Brian's laziness forced the project to be shelved.

Dave continued making substandard comics until, in March 2007, Brian propositioned the idea of podcasting to Dave. Dave, who can never say no to a proposition agreed and, along with Josh Hunter, The Geek Savants were born! It wasn't long before Super Ugly caught wind of The Geek Savants machinations for podcast domination, and he joined the cast in episode 2. Josh Hunter and Super Ugly alternated hosting duties and never actually met. Josh Hunter continued on as co-host until Josh got a girlfriend and stepped out of the spotlight after Episode 16, leaving a hole in TGS' roster. Grant Miller had been a guest on several episodes by that point and knew what he had to do. Grant, as he is apt to do, filled the hole.

It has been nearly three years since The Geek Savants began their rise to the middle. With a loose format covering comics, television, movies, videogames and their personal lives, the bad boys of podcasting entertain every week and there is no end in sight.

God help you, The Geek Savants are here to stay.