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This week the guys play a card game and talk  an immense amount of shit. Be about it.


This week the guys return from Reno, and Grant goes missing... again. The guys discuss current events, comics trailers and get a gaggle of gifts from Dubba T. Plus, Toys, Singalongs, Ron beats himself up over Facebook, and the guys decide to never post episodes on Ustream ever again.


As the gang heads to Reno for the weekend, Ugly and Ron decide to take some time during the week to record their first music podcast episode.  Done in Savant style, the guys talk over all the songs with nonsense and tidbits to keep your mind occupied.  Hella Kellie joins in during the beginning of the episode to bring massive amounts of sexiness that a normal Geek Savants episode would never have.  Laugh, Cry and Vomit as we present the rebirth of Tropicana Village.


In pretty much the worst episode of 2012, TGS tackles the worst movie they, up until this point, have never seen. This is the Super Mario Bros. Movie Commentary.


In an ass backwards episode, Dave fills the role of life coach as the guys discuss simplifying their lives, prioritizing their daily tasks, and preparing for the future. Do you dare fly with the eagle?


This week, The Geek Savants go live on Ustream... and no one is watching.


This week the guys go over some of Grant's favorite conspiracy theories and unexplained mysteries.


This week, Grant Ugly and Dave take a trip though Marvel Comics' foray into Film, TV, and Animated Features.


This week the guys freeball on Ustream, talk about the Avengers film, and discuss the acceptable levels of bestiality.


This week, the guys take a personality test and discuss their astrological signs. It's a revealing episode that is funnier than it has any right to be.


This week the guys switch it up, putting the spotlight on Super Ugly's last and arguable best album with Unified School District.


This week, the guys go live on Ustream, and it's the train wreck you'd expect it would be. The guys catch up on each other's lives, address listener voicemails, name the Boat from Boat Orgy and talk. A lot.


This week, while the rest of TGS is at a local toy show, Dave decides to gather the guys of Action Lab to discuss their recent Eisner nominations, the artists and writers that have influenced their careers, and the future of their company.


This week Ugly and Dave remember the weekend that was Emerald City Comic Con through weed and alcohol tinted glasses.


This week the guys discuss their best and worst decisions.


This week the guys remember passing of Shane from The Walking Dead, Wondercon Anaheim and Ugly's cat Dirty.


This week, The Geek Savants play the most twisted gameshow in history. Join them for the first episode of Would You Rather.


This week Ron gets another nickname, and the guys discuss more of their firsts...


This week the guys remember Image Expo fondly... some more than others.


This week the guys jump back into their perfect world scenarios and remake the world of videogames and movies.


This week the guys discuss the things they'd like to see return to popularity, the 2012 celebrity deathwatch... and technology!


Animator/Sculptor Grant Miller is introducing his newest creation, The Stelliform Owl, through a kickstarter campaign. Grant hopes to raise the funds to make this beautiful project a reality. The Stelliform Owl, each one unique and offered as rewards for your pledges.

Grant Miller has been working as a pin-up artist and animator for years, recently turning his attention to 3-D fabrication. Any proceeds above the kickstarter goal will go to fund several projects in the works.

Click on this link to see the Stelliform Owl.

The Stelliform Owl


This week the guys get into a healthy discussion about porn before settling into a vanilla sundae of comics, TV and movie talk.


This week the guys talk about their upcoming projects, their main influences, and where they see their careers going.


This week the guys discuss a slew of their firsts, including their first jobs, best friends, heartbreak, one night stands, drugs and more. Welcome to the future, everyone-- it's chock full of the past.


This week the guys get together to talk about the horrors of Shbooms.


In this first in a series of episodes, The Geek Savants recreate the world in their images What transpires is a two hour discussion about comics, music, and their personal lives, and what changes they'd make if they had God powers.


This week the guys talk about what they're looking forward to this year, talk about their new year's resolutions, and take a trip through a listener submitted size chart.

For those of you that want to follow along with episode 43, please reference this handy, listener made size chart!



TGS returns with a vengeance! The guys play catch up, going over Christmas, New Year's and the very best of 2011.


This week, the guys decide to take a break from TGS proper for the holiday season, focusing the spotlight instead  on the PKD Media Blackbox. Don't get your feathers ruffled, this episode features TGS hosts Dave and Super Ugly. Along with Black Box host Shawn Pryor, the boys talk about cartoons, comics and their very own projects, Monsters are Just like Us and Space-Time Condominium Vol. 1., as well as Shawn Pryor's EXO-1 and the Rocksolid Steelbots and the genesis of Action Lab Entertainment.


This week the guys perform an audio drama... of Dave's graphic novella, "Back in the Day." If you haven't picked it up yet, head over to graphic.ly (http://graphicly.com/action-lab-entertainment/back-in-the-day) then play along!


This week, the guys push the boundaries of normalcy. Also, movies and tv talk!


This week the guys talk about what they are most thankful for... and also what they are least thankful for.


Dave and Ugly discuss their 20 year highscool reunion. Let that stew around in your brain a little bit, then enjoy the show!


This week the guys go over news and listen to voicemails, leading to the most titillating topic in recent history as they design the perfect TGS sex club. Plus, Dave and Ugly bust out the old yearbook for a little trip down memory lane before their 20 year highschool reunion. It's not as interesting as you might think.

K.I.T. --The Geek Savants


It's a free balling orgy as the Savants welcome their little ewok, Brian Roberts, back to the show. Lots of popculture talk as the guys discuss DC's new 52, recent TV and movie picks, and throw in a dramatic reading from Super Ugly's unholy bible to boot!


This week, the Savants close out the Halloween season with thier commentary of Friday the 13th: The New Blood.


This week, the guys discuss their worst nightmares and argue over which horror movie world they'd want to try to survive in.


This week, the guys get into Halloween spirit by talking about the worst movie monsters of all time. Plus, they tackle recent (and not so recent) horror stories in the news.


This week the guys try to bounce back from Super Ugly's Birthday Sing-a-long, and Grant tries to explain why he's the worst friend ever. Plus, the guys go over recent movies and TV until a friend from Super Ugly's past derails an episode that can only be described as a frisky puppy stuck between two german shepherds. The Geek Savants are back, and scummier than ever.


After the hard drive crash that nearly ended TGS, Grant "IT" Miller is able to salvage almost an entire episode! Even with 20 minutes missing from the episode, it's still crammed full of goodness as the Geek Savants discuss their favorite post 1990 sitcoms as they put them in the octagon and eventually crown the king of the sitcom ring!


In the wake of the Geek Savants' hard drive crash, what was once 2 hours of glory is now a truncated 30 minute episode. Still packed full of comedy, this episode contains everything they could recover from the black box.


It happens to the best of them. This week TGS unintentionally takes the week off as the hard drive they save their episodes to crashes. To make matters worse, episodes 30 and 31 are lost in the system failure. Grant Miller, TGS' resident IT guy, is working hard to save what's left of 30 and 31 from a slowly degrading external drive, but episode 29 was lost completely.


For those who couldn't make it to the TGS Physical Challenge, the Geek Savants are offering this 11x17 poster, printed on semi-gloss, cardstock. Be a part of TGS history for only $12 (shipping included). There is an extremely limited quantity of these left, so paypal wopapino73@yahoo.com to get yours today!

This week the guys present the actual TGS Physical Challenge, filmed on August 28th, 2011.

Watch Now:


This week the guys deliver up a three course meal of awesome, going over their favorite comicbook covers, album covers, and cover tunes.


This week, Dave and Super Ugly take each other to the limit with the very first Geek Savants Physical Challenge! Who won? Who lost? Who will now live in shame? Legends will be made, and history will be mad!


This week the guys deliver a mixed bag containing the greatest poop stories ever told, and discuss what would happen if they planned their 20 year highschool reunion. Plus, Dave and Ugly gear up fot the TGS Physical Challenge with a ton of trash talking.


This week, The Geek Savants host their own kind of intervention.

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